June 04, 2016

Sunken City 2.2.6

Map Sunken City v2.2.6.w3x Created by SpasMaster

Sunken City is a Dungeon Crawler map with RPG elements. The Player controls a hero and has to over come numerous puzzles, traps, quests, enemies and different bosses to reach the end. The game contains multiple different features that allow for advanced hero customization.
  • Recommended Players: Soloing is possible, but for better experience play with 2 or 3 players.
  • Gameplay Time: Between 3 and 6 hours depending on number of players and difficulty.
  • Amount of Heroes: 24
  • Maximum Level: 18
See full changelog: Sunken City v2.2.6 changelog

  • Diverse Heroes: The 24 heroes in Sunken City possess different custom skills which are well presented in detailed tooltips.
  • Backpack System: In case your inventory is full, you are given a backpack with additional 6 slots where you can carry quest items or unused items for selling.
  • Stat System: Each level you are given the possibility to access the Skill Poitns Menu and gain access to secondary stats (non-Strength, Agility, Intelligence).
  • Item Interaction Systems: Sunken City gives the option to Disenchant items for stats or to Reforge unused lesser items to create better ones.
  • Chest System: There are many Chests scattered around the Sunken City. Opening them rewards you with a random item!
  • Quests: Embark quests that give you side objectives throughout the game!
  • Challenges: Complete difficult optional challenges for additional rewards.
  • Shop System: A simple and intuitive shop system makes it easier for players to navigate and purchase some of the many Sunken City shop items.
  • Rolling: Sunken City allows you to roll for items that suit everyone. Therefore you can avoid stealing.
  • Damage and Armor: Sunken City's gameplay is based around damaging the best target. By mouse-overing your damage and armor you will easiliy understand what's your best target!
  • Gold System: Players in Sunken City share the Gold gained by killing creeps!
  • Randomized Items: Each creature you kill has a chance of dropping one of the hundreds of items, contained in a scripted loot-table. In addition bosses have multiple drops, which add to the replayability.
  • Glyph System: A system that improves hero customisation in various ways. Preview below:
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