July 25, 2016

Dota v6.83d AI 1.42

Getdota Map v6.83d AI 1.42 download by Icefrog

Skills continue to optimize AI conditions of release

AI maps (map with computer players / bots)
AI = Again Idiots = Art Inspections
Aluminum Injection
Alien Internet
Application Interference

This map release is having some heavy tweaks to the items system + AI`s having their own courier to bring them the goods. The new heroes got their AI too and the biggest news from the team are… our new developer – Ciel_Asuka. Blending well and adjusting to the script, Ciel will make us all happy.

Download: Dota 6.83d AI 1.42 - DotA 6.83d AI 1.42

Source: http://www.vclgame.com/2016/07/dota-683d-ai-142-download.html
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