August 08, 2016

Death None Battle v7.6 AI

 Map Death None Battle v7.6 AI by chinese member

Chinese name map: 死神无级别混战V7.2 - 作者:jiwalv
You can play this map with computer with Other player or Computer (AI+++)
  • Added a new hero - Tsukishima show Kuro. 
  • Eight thousand small sword stream red flush on awakening Kenpachi used instead to improve the strength and speed values. 
  • Fixed Bingtian funeral flowers without injury bug. 
  • Fixed Flows Beijing music is sometimes used Div pop-up bug, duration Div reduced by 5 seconds, and reduce attack damage caused by the bite of 50%

  • Support to repair a white release skills action bug. 
  • The first election hero award is reduced from 500 to 300 gold coins. 
  • Fixed by white thunder and lightning cause conjugated map crash bug.
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