September 05, 2016

Dimensional CYZC v8.9

Map Dimensional CYZC v8.9 - CYZC8.9.w3x - 
Category: Hero Arena

Hero 8.9 update: NANOHA 8.9 updates are as follows

  • Add a new hero - Nanoha 
  • Replace the use of magic-free trigger. 
  • Fixed "everyone RBQ" and "weakest strongest" approach to obtain the title now correctly capture the title winner. 
  • With regard to Sayaka apricots and eggs, eggs will now trigger Sayaka computing head, calculated to kill Sayaka apricots.
King Kong Force Awakening (R): the effect of changes to strengthen the transfiguration W will refresh CD, movement speed increase of 30 points, attack power increased by 50 points, the whole property is temporarily increased by 20 points.

Map size: 58.55 MB
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