September 03, 2016

Dota 6.83d AI PMV 1.42 English version

Changelog as follows:
1. Update kill bonus
2. Update neutral creep respawn coordinates and mechanism
3. Balance movement speed of upper and lower lanes of creeps
4. Remake phantom lancer’s doppelganger
5. FIx illusion’s no mana burn bug
6. FIx storm spirit’s ball lightning got stuck and may result in errors
7. FIx axe’s various bugs
8. FIx ogre magi’s unrefined fireblast (aghanim’s skill, consume 60% remaining mana)
9. FIx phantom assassin that may cause map errors bug
10. FIx enchantress auto casting impetus fail bug
11. FIx warlock’s ability to attack while casting upheaval and residual upheaval image bug
12. Optimize doom’s damage and algorithm
13. Optimize nether strike’s algorithm
14. Repair tranquil boots bug of unaffected effects
Next version estimation: AI itemization, behaviours ( such as different decisions on retreating)
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