December 15, 2016

Bleach Battle Royal 7.9 AI

Map Bleach Battle Royal v7.9 AI.w3x by jiwalv (Update December/16/2016)

Balance and bug fixes: 
1. Fix Gillim Joe's anti-film bandits can not seal the big virtual bug. 
2. Cancel the timing of the 2500 spiritual pressure rewards, re-do pressure to store the mysterious spirit of the store. 
3. Completely strengthened the destroyer division

This version can play with AI+ (Computer) or Friends and other player
Warcraft version: 1.24 or 1.27a (use patch 1.24e play this map)
Please note: stand-alone game must be added to the enemy's computer.

Category: Hero Arena
Recommended Players: 1-10
Size: 7429.5 KB

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Download: Bleach Battle Royal v7.9 AI
Mirror:  Bleach Battle Royal 7.9 AI download
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