January 31, 2016

Animation Comic Game 1.5 - ACG Arena v1.5

 Map Animation Comic Game v1.5 - ACG Arena 1.5

You can play this map with Other player or Computer (AI+++)

Planning Director: David Cardinal
Triggered Country: BUG devil
Model action: Lions & shoushou
Model Sponsor: Nini & mystery chaos

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Source: http://www.game2f.com/2016/01/acg-arena-v1-5/
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    Shjn Survivor 3.6 Ruby

    Map Shjn Survivor v3.6 Ruby - Guardian Annals 3.6 Ruby - 守护纪年 3.6 Ruby - by China member (Chinese)

    • Added a series of convenience measures.
    • The liberation of almost all the hidden heroes.
    • Jiang Wei redone and reanamed Rebels, Rebels always been a model, so.
    • The new system thorns into the game, but canceled the aftermath of the Tarot, Tarot thorns new to the game.
    • The new suit lethal joined the game.
    • The new suit tightrope joined the game.
    • Shastri was a stranger, and the degree of bone to add a new task.
    • Integration of a series of articles, and novice foolproof tips.
    • Redo and corrected color skills cause Caton problems.
    • Redo some of the skills Fuxi.
    • Of the mercenaries were integrated, reduced to four kinds.
    • The highest level is now 180.
    • Now surely fall by the ghost of yin and yang lamp cord, instead of buying.
    • Now Borrello deceit + + Silla king riding a cloud to form a new suit.
    • Seven now has three sets to trigger bonuses, the third member of the wing of the mysterious light.
    • Assault and now no longer jump determines whether traffic.
    • Now renamed strange straw, and you can clearly see the point of birth.
    • Aegis fire now renamed bone fire, and can be purchased directly.
    • Esther can now hold Silla king, the mysterious light wings.
    • Stigmata now only hold a similar article.
    • Now in addition to the initial weapon can hold two.
    • Now fall directly true Hades lock, rather than falling Hades lock.
    • Now seven sword is no longer proprietary intellectual goods.
    • Now pumpkin, lollipop, skewers, crab claws can no longer be synthesized, can be purchased directly.
    • Now fall directly flute fog, the fog pipe instead.
    • Royal Hua quit now, I am a swarm for T-level items.
    • Upgrade now LOL3 articles into one article, if the wind glory.
    • Aura now has three items into one item, the ancient horn, and Esther can hold.
    • Now bottles filled with liquids, and can only hold a bottle.
    • Now every night is an Ethernet exclusive fine soul.
    • Synthesis Torment now no longer need to stick a stick apprentice.
    • You can now hold up to two travel items.
    • You can now buy direct worship.
    • Now hell does not cause the volume can not be changed back Stigmata Stigmata.
    • Now Destroyer's Cap With a new effect.
    • Royal Hua quit now I also can affect both the Swarm.
    • Now renamed A thorny roses, jewelry and is, at the same time become unparalleled suite of package components.
    • A ghost is now level adder jewelry, raised its duration and the number of injuries and the shadow of the wolf.
    • Now instant body Tarot additional 10% and 10% dodge dodge cap.
    • Zhao now only need to get exclusive hold Fuerth Rogge to kill the dragon.
    • Now heaven and earth knife can be purchased directly.
    • Now Death instruction rebound thorns hurt.
    • Lanxiang Wings now have a special effect.
    • Now Suzaku Suzaku lupine claws renamed synthetic materials also required by the fan into the glove, and is no longer limited.
    • Now no longer consumes mana heat thrusting, thrusting automatically after thermal injury.
    • Strongbow removed debris task series, the Tigers now will directly fall bow hilltops.
    • Remove the S-Class holds limited items.
    • Zorro removed puncture ceremony, choking pendant.
    • Remove the belt, pants and the series of articles.
    • Remove the guns, fans, longbow, bright and scepter series items.

    • Remove the Hatchet and the series of articles.
    • Remove the universe fusion power tool, but you can still get through the other two knives universe.
    • Canceled the spell hit settings.
    • Cancel category knife melee proprietary.
    • Canceled flare and carnage, with blood now Yao edge will directly fall, also canceled a magic wand integration.
    • Cut the soul dominator items property.
    • Reduced stun duration.
    • I cut that is Swarm damage and bonuses.
    • Cut mine ho buy cooling.
    • Fly cut mercury discharge dispersion distance.
    • Cut fairy trigger condition.
    • Down the poison and deceleration strengthen duration.
    • Passive melt down the stream.
    • Cut BOSS type of enemy units and will cut scores.
    • Che raised its bone drug flow net of armor degree.
    • Increase the length of time after school.
    • It raised the strategic roaring cooldown.
    • Astor foundation raised property.
    • It raised its 5000 value of life of all towers.
    • He raised Yi suit bonuses.
    • Happy forest raised attribute bonus package.
    • Raised Astor attributes.
    • It raised its wildlife and brush strange area reward points.
    • Fixed bottled forest appears incorrectly in suite.
    • Fixed investment Spire range error problem.
    • Fixed Jianqi skills result out of the question.
    • Fixed Silla king led to dodge errors.
    • Fixed a problem can not be subject to Borrello blue tea bonus of deceit.
    • Fixed Tyrande get error caused the problem Scorpio.
    • Fixed error text copy cat articles question.
    • Fixed typo military camel.
    • Fixed an issue partial effects can not be achieved.
    • Fixed bug unable to sell goods and bottled water series.
    • Fixed typo resurrection potion.
    • Fixed error problem property chopped soul, and the soul is now cut to provide new items effects.
    • Fixed typo ritual.
    • Fixed Soul Requiem hurt lower-than-expected problems.
    • Fixed property error rock Tarot.
    • Also reminded snake bone problems Fixed Angelo exist.
    • Fixed a trash can treat themselves with the problem friendly use.
    • Fixed game Caton part of the problem because the hero effects point lead.
    • Fixed skill button error.
    • Fixed an crit error.
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    Space Orcs vs. Zombies 1.6

    Map Space Orcs vs. Zombies 1.6 Created by Calciumcarbonat

    Map Idea:
    A teamplay orientated zombie survival game with Orcs in space!
    Fight hordes of enemies, strong Bosses and find epic loot, while creating the ultimate defense!
    But even though it is easy to understand, it is very challenging and needs good positioning and teamplay.

    • 7 unique, carefully designed classes, with different roles and playstyle
    • Easy to learn, but challenging difficulty
    • 16 enemie types
    • 80% trigger spells
    • Teamplay heavily required
    • Maximum of 12 players
    • 3 tense boss levels
    • Every player chooses one of the 7 classes. Each class has unique abilties and an important role in teamplay. 
    • The Firebat for example is very tough and can act as a tank as a result. The Engineer on the other hand, is an expert in enhancing your defenses with his inventions.
    • Then your team will get attacked by waves of enemie undead units. 
    • Each wave contains Zombies and either special mobs or a boss. The number of enemies depends on the number of players. 
    • You can find new weapons and mysterious artifacts which zombies can drop on their death.
    • When a hero dies he can be revived by a medic or will respawn after the end of the current level. If all heroes are dead at the same time, the game is lost.
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    January 30, 2016

    Villains of Warcraft vF

    Pick a hero and fight against the most epic villains the Warcraft universe has to offer!
    You will face them at the end of their wings, but you have to face their army before you face the big bad boss

    At the moment there are 18 heroes to choice from, 5 wings to experience, 24 quests to complete and 20 epic bosses to beat!

    - First you pick a hero at the tavern. It will spawn in a chosen wing.

    - You start with all your abilities, so you won't have to wait for a higher level to have them all. Making the gameplay more interesting and intense from the start.

    - Each wing has its own theme and style, four bosses with multiple phases, units with their own unique and custom abilities, three challenges to complete. There are also Achievements you can complete, but those aren't particular for an individual wing.

    - You can pick between three difficulties at the start: Easy, Normal and Hard. Picking Hard makes the enemy ofcourse stronger: Increases attack damage, health, armor and improved abilities.

    - When you are with less than 4 people, you can pick more heroes so you have always 4 heroes to play!

    Deleted some useless crap, cuz the triggers suddenly didn't work somehow.

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    Treasure Hunter's Defense v6.2 AI

    Map Treasure Hunter's Defense 6.2 AI - Frostnight v6.2 + AI.w3x Created by Lign ; Uploaded by: Lign
    -Added new hero: Pandaren Fire Master.
    A powerful sorcerer known as The Oracle, has offer you a mission to protect an icy artifact found in the middle of Icecrown Glacier, guarded by a mysterious force. Now, they're coming to destroy the artifact, preventing it from being taken. If you success, The Oracle will fulfill your wishes and reveal your future.

    But the story isn't that simple...

    - Based on Dota 2's Wraith-Night.
    - This map's just like any typical Hero Defense maps: you chose a hero, set up a team and defend your main base from waves of enemies, kill them and get gold,
    power up your Hero to stand against them.
    - I love the Wraith-Night mode. So I decided to convert it to Warcraft III version.

    - Total 40 heroes, 95 custom spells, 45 types of creeps, and over 40 buildable items.
    - Gold is earned from collecting gold coins, which will droped from enemies when killed. Gold coin's value is shared equally to all players.
    - Your Hero's health and mana will be refilled at the end of a round.
    - Towers will respawn every time a new round starts.
    - The final round is based on World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King cinematic.

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    Azeroth Wars Genesis 1.30A

    Map Azeroth Wars Genesis 1.30A.w3x by Archi, Hanni, & Sukramo

    -Fixed a bug with a Green tower.
    -Text for spawning Shadowprey Village will now only appear for Kalimdor players.
    -Ogres summon from Dreadmaul Rock now requires Greens Demi Urok Doomhowl.
    -Fixed a bug where Yellow didnt get Mortar abilities. Flare is back!

    In my first opening suggestion post for LR, like 5-6 years ago I was strongly opposed to Zul'jin and the Amani strting with Gray. It really didnt make much sense and eventually someone agreed and he was removed. Now, we celebrate his triumphant return.

    Currently updated by Sukramo and Hannibal.

    The Tier 1 Mastery are not done but since there are some important map stability changes in the version, It seems wrong to hold these backs due to me not really working on the map due to my exam the 15th. So enjoy these changes that should make the map load and handle better aswell as hopefully not drop 1 person on the loading screen 40% of the time.

    See full changelog here: Azeroth Wars Genesis 1.30A changelog


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    January 29, 2016

    Legion TD Mega x10 v.4g_v2.w3x

    Build towers to defend your team's King from attackers.

    Each level, your towers become units and fight for you.

    Harvest lumber with workers. Use lumber to buy summons to attack the other team and

    increase your income. Lumber can also be used to upgrade your team's King's stats.

    Defeat the enemy King to win.

    Category: Tower Defense (Cooperative)
    Tileset: Cityscape
    Dimensions: 128x128
    Playable Area: 128x106
    Recommended Players: 2v2, 3v3, 4v4
    Size: 1547.5 KB

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    January 28, 2016

    Fairy tail vs Naruto 0.2a

    Map Fairy tail vs Naruto 0.2a.w3x by Crash2017
    So it was time for version 0.2aThis great fighting game, confronting the heroes of Naruto and Fairy Tail series

    Category: Hero Arena
    Tileset: Lordaeron Summer
    Dimensions: 128x128
    Playable Area: 116x118
    Recommended Players: 1-6
    Size: 7173.2 KB
    Is there anything else you would like to add? especially information about Fairy tail vs Naruto 0.2a latest details and features update. You can share by comment below. Thank you for visiting and see you soon, enjoy!

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    War of Sanctity 5.63c AI

    Map War of Sanctity v5.63c AI - WOS 5.63c AI.w3x Created by Alxen

    WOS v6.83c AI changelog:
    -Added 3 new items:-Vampiric Potion
    -Arcanite Shield
    -Drek'thar Spellbook
    -rebalanced heroes
    -fixed current bugs
    -fixed the problem of choosing the same hero for multiple players.After the War of the Ancients ended,Kalimdor remained in peace for a while,until the reborn of the new Lich King,Arthas Menethil.He reformed the remaining undead,corrupted demons,and anyone who wanted to serve him,or personally enslaved by his mental force.However the night elven's society formed a powerful alliance too,currently commanded by the great Demon Hunter,Illidan Stormrage,once regarded as a traitor for the night elves,he came back to help his brethrens.United in arms,both sides fight for the final prize:the occupation of Kalimdor.

    The task of each player is to choose a hero from the large variety,it's side offers and help the commander(Illidan or Arthas) claim victory.The heroes are classed as:
    -Tanks(which are very good in physical combat,and weaker in magic,but with a large amount of HP and resistance)
    -Semi-tanks(fusion from tanks and assassins,these type of heroes are good in assaulting unguarded foes)
    -Rangers(perfect for a ranged assault and single slaying from far distances)
    -Assassins(powerful warriors,which rely on intelligent strategies to kill their enemies)
    -Spellcasters(intelligent heroes,mostly based on the power of their spells.Very useful for assaulting enemies with deadly magic attacks and supporting allies)
    -Semi-assassins(fusion between spellcasters and assassins.Good for assaulting and slaying with both magic and physical damage)

    Now i will tell you about the gameplay system.You gain 2 gold/second,but if your keeper located in the forest is killed you wont gain gold/second anymore.Each creep killed gives you 90 gold and each tower 400.Heroes give gold depending on how the fight,if an enemy hero died by your hands with no efforts,you gain 100 gold,but if he/she died in strong combat you get with 10% more depending on it's level.The map does not have a leader board,because the number of killed heroes appear when each time you kill one ;).I made it like this to look different from any AoS map.Creeps and towers improves at every 3 minutes in the game,that means they get stronger and the same thing your hero should do!

    Download: WOS 5.63c AI.w3x
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    January 27, 2016

    Legendary War Akatsuki 0.6.2 - LWA 0.6.2

     Map Legendary War Akatsuki 0.6.2.w3x (LWA) created by Itachi (Russian)

    Category: Hero Arena
    Tileset: Sunken Ruins
    Dimensions: 96x96
    Playable Area: 96x60
    Recommended Players: 2-10
    Size: 7.71 MB

    Red player selects a certain number of kills, when the number of murders comes to selected, then the player who first reached that number wins.
    Language map - Russian

    The characters 7-10 abilities  can zoom out or zoom the camera
    system show damage
    by characters from Akatsuki
    new system of alliances. 

    Authors \ Assistants:
    Author - _ITACHI_
    Helpers - Yoda, ° KĀPIŦĀŅ °, Chaka

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    Duel of Gods v2.00

    Map Duel of Gods v2.00 Created by Darkfang

    Overall, game looks awesome and challenging for an AoS. Heroes are all from the original Warcraft but the way the spells are greatly modified to make them better is great and in next updates, could use some more heroes. Map could also have more items and better also some item recipes which the game lacks. Lastly, coudl use some game commands.
    If you get to know about any bug or just want to make a comment just go ahead, write in this thread, PM me or write an email to Darkfangmapper@gmail.com
    Also if you want to make a contributtion to the main game thread just go into the map development section, I am currently searching for skilled programmers, 3d modelers and someone who can help me make a decent AI. Also if you have any idea or concept for any hero, item or mode you are welcome too! any help is appreciated!... also I need a team ha ha ha ha

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    Hac Am Xam Tap II 1.1.8

    Map Hac Am Xam Tap II v1.1.8.w3x created by SW2 (VietNam)

    - Làm lại 2 kĩ năng của Nga Mi( Bây giờ tất cả các kĩ năng của Ng mi điều có khả năng hồi sinh lực)
    - Tăng vàng khởi đầu lên 2000 vàng
    - Giảm sức mạnh 5 đợt quái đầu
    - Giảm sức mạnh 1 số boss cơ bản
    - Tăng thời gian xuất hiện các Boss thế giới
    - Và còn 1 số điều chỉnh nhỏ khác về Mana cơ bản, hồi mana cơ bản, sinh lực tăng mỗi điểm sức mạnh.....

    Category: Hero Defense
    Tileset: Village
    Dimensions: 128x128
    Playable Area: 100x100
    Recommended Players: 5
    Size: 4931.7 KB

    Is there anything else you would like to add? especially information about Hac Am Xam Tap II v1.1.8 latest details and features update. You can share by comment below. Thank you for visiting and see you soon, enjoy!

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    January 26, 2016

    Dota 6.83d AI beta 1.0

    Map dota v6.83d AI beta 1.0 - DotA_v6.83d_AIbeta1.0.w3x Chinese member

    AI maps (map with computer players / bots)
    Only the chosen players (notified by a message) can use the commands. Usually these are Player 1 and Player 6.
    Use -AIrepick XX command. XX is the number of the slot incomplete AI occupies,
    e.x -AIrepick2 , this will make Teal AI player repick his hero.
    Note : AI will not lose gold if you use this command.

    Is there anything else you would like to add? especially information about Dota 6.83d AI beta 1.0 latest details and features update. You can share by comment below. Thank you for visiting and see you soon, enjoy!


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    Random Anime Skill v24

    Map Random Anime Skill - v24.w3x (+8mb) created by BR member (January/27/2016)

    Versão : Bronze (3 Novidades/1 Novo Herói)

    Novo Personagem :
    1 - Erza

    Novidades :
    Adicionado um novo poder para o Luffy (Gear Fourth)
    Adicionado um novo poder para o Susano (Corte)
    Esta será a ultima versão em que Kira poderá matar Saitama , na próxima versão (se tiver) Saitama terá mais poderes
    English changelog: Random Anime Skill v24.w3x

    Sugestão por : Slowaski

    Para retirar ou colocar o Saitama em RAS , favor verificar no seu MENU (F9) quando estiver em jogo , para obter os comandos

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    January 24, 2016

    In the name of God 4.1

    Map In the name of God 4.1.w3x - 以神为名4.1

    The update removes the previous version of the two sinkhole hero "could not" "free days"
    PK new copy, players Daguai feel a little tired late hit can call teammates to PK a copy of mutual consultations.
    Significantly strengthened the dome sister Shana and
    forging God is not one hundred percent chance of stone broke ....
    strengthened late monster property, now will not be so easy to spend the latter part of the game
    Is there anything else you would like to add? especially information about In the name of God v4.1 latest details and features update. You can share by comment below. Thank you for visiting and see you soon, enjoy!

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    Anime Final Battle v1.4 - AFB_1.4.w3x

    Map Anime Final Battle v1.4 released - AFB_1.4.w3x by Tsuna Sawada (January/24/2016)

    Type (check) When Pk End Still At Pk Place Bug Will Send Back To Home (10 Sec Inside)

    Category: Hero Arena
    Tileset: Sunken Ruins
    Dimensions: 160x160
    Playable Area: 154x149
    Recommended Players:Anime Fan
    Size: 31.7 MB

    Is there anything else you would like to add? especially information about Anime Final Battle 1.4 latest details and features update. You can share by comment below. Thank you for visiting and see you soon, enjoy!

    PS: Kyoya Hibari Mukuro Rokudo Yato Noragami Still Not Yet Done Please Dont Choose

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