February 29, 2016

Hac Am Xam Tap II 1.2.4

Map Hac Am Xam Tap II 1.2.5.w3x created by SW2 (VietNam)

-Làm lại Đào Hoa, thay thế 3 kĩ năng đầu của Đào Hoa
-Tăng khả năng rớt ngọc các loại ở tất cả các boss
-Fix lag(ko biết còn không, mà chắc là hết :3)
-Fix item rớt lả tả tại nhà chính

Category: Hero Defense
Tileset: Village
Dimensions: 128x128
Playable Area: 100x100
Recommended Players: 5
Size: 4931.7 KB

Is there anything else you would like to add? especially information about Hac Am Xam Tap II v1.2.5 latest details and features update. You can share by comment below. Thank you for visiting and see you soon, enjoy!

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February 28, 2016

InotiA ChroniclE RPG v20 English

Map Inotia Chronicle RPG Engv20.w3x by 제작 : Sos

Category: Role Playing (RPG)
Tileset: Icecrown Glacier
Dimensions: 224x224
Playable Area: 220x220
Recommended Players: 2~10
Size: 8117.2 KB

Is there anything else you would like to add? especially information about Inotia Chronicle RPG Eng v20 latest details and features update. You can share by comment below. Thank you for visiting and see you soon, enjoy!

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Marvel vs Anime v2.0

Map Marvel vs Anime v2.0.w3x by Archangel (RU)
This map released February/29/2016
You can play this map with Other Player Or Computer (AI+++)

Новая версия Marvel vs Anime

-Исправлены баги
-Добавлены новые герои
-Подкорректирован ландшафт
В игре присутствует 22 героя (по 11 на сторону).

Category: Hero Arena
Tileset: Felwood
Dimensions: 128x128
Playable Area: 116x116
Recommended Players: 1-10
Size: 4837.2 KB

Is there anything else you would like to add? especially information about Marvel vs Anime v2.0 latest details and features update. You can share by comment below. Thank you for visiting and see you soon, enjoy!

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Azeroth Wars Genesis 1.33B

Map Azeroth Wars Genesis 1.33B.w3x by Archi, Hanni, & Sukramo

-Added Pink's Second Chance: Satyrs that have a base in the Nether and start allied to Red and Blue.

-Mannoroth Added as a Hero to the Bloodpact.

-Stratholme Harbor Gate now starts open.

-New Icon for Pit Lord Heroes.

-Bloodpact now has a Fel Kodo.

-Thundermar now gained by yellow going to it.

-Nefarian’s Item no longer gives spell Immunity.

-No Charm can affect Mechanical units.

-Frost Wyrm slow no longer affects heroes.

-Legion Silence now lasts 4 second on heroes, down from 8 seconds.

-Mal Ganis Avatar now lasts 15 seconds, down from 25.

-Shandris starts with +7 STR.

-Sgt Doomhammer stats with +10 STR.

-Magtheridon now starts with +15 STR.

-Reduced the space taken up by Pit Lord Heroes.

-Lich Kel now has +10 to all stats.

-Blue and red Dragons have +500 health.

-Garithos spawns at level 10.

-Ghaz’rankha (Zul Gurub Hydra) now has 200 move speed, up from 1.

-Tortolla damage now scales less with upgrades.

-Fixed some Nerubian units not being undead.

-Lowered Damage upgrade scaling for Gryphons.

-Changed The Stromgarde activation zone to also work from ocean.

-Made Sentinel Hill teleportable to.

-Fixed the Hotkey tooltip for Deth’remar’s curse.

-Fixed Elune Mastery.

-Barksin fixed for Brown.

-Enrage fixed for Purple.

-Fenris Keep and Scarlet Monastery now train units like normal.

-Blue keeps his Unit upgrade building after Archimonde dies.

-Gnomish Terminators can now enter ships.

-Fixed much incorrect information about Bloodpact.


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February 27, 2016

X Hero Siege 3.45 Pro 2

Map X Hero Siege v3.45 Pro 2 .w3x by Sogat - -bt enabled by LambdaBR

Presented by Sogat, edited by LambdaBR
-"-bt" enabled
-Cheats removed

Version: 3.45
Date: 26/02/2016

Category: Hero defense
Tileset: Icecrown Glacier
Dimensions: 96x224
Playable Area: 87x213
Recommended Players: 1-8 Player
Size: 2106 KB

Is there anything else you would like to add? especially information about X Hero Siege 3.45 Pro 2 latest details and features update. You can share by comment below. Thank you for visiting and see you soon, enjoy!

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February 26, 2016

Shjn Survivor v3.8 Extra

Map Shjn Survivor v3.8 Extra - Guardian Annals 3.8 Ruby - 守护纪年 3.8 Extra - SHJN3.8Extra.w3x - by China member (Chinese)
New Fate / Extra CCC reborn hero joined the game. The new Legend of Heroes items empty into the game. Replace the most unclear and ambiguous icon. Now the addition of longitudinal bone fire burning have a more accurate description. Movies now described Yue Fei Ling China have accurate ring effect. Snowy road now do not need to fall directly synthesized. Now mercenaries were canceled, all the skills to be transferred to them sacred.You can now directly select Sasuke. You can now directly select Yahiko. Now you can directly select twilight gladiolus, simultaneously redo and optimization. Now you can directly select Kawasaki mad when three (Hanayome). Zhi Yuan Lu now only summon four field BOSS offensive help. Now you can view the attack bonus hostile units. Now the real dragon will fall directly instead of falling dragon gauntlets gauntlets. Now drop water directly rather than imitation of God halberd. Whirlwind will now fall directly instead destroyer. Now fall directly seize Crafts sickle instead of Heavenly Sword. Now the fate of the drill will fall directly without the need for synthesis. A stage will now fall directly rather than rock armor choke throat. Now it will directly fall foam milkshake wine rather than beer and cheese. Adjusted billboard daughter sell items, some objects into fall. Optimization skills fluency Oshino tolerate. Cancel the sale feathers hat, rock armor. Cancel the talent set and canceled purchase gift set.Cancel agile addition to the moving speed. Scarecrow restored back to the blood velocity.Details of the map of the environment. Fine-tuning the refresh position GOLD position and attack soldiers. Trimming a part of special effects and performance effects. Increase the size of the two hidden stores. He raised the stun time, but many can not be stunned stunner within 2 seconds. Raised prices without completely different glasses. Cut the strengthening crit BOSS crit damage. Tornado cut mysterious cattle town of the shackles of time. Devil lowered the chances of obtaining the property, and fixes typos. 

  • Fixed attack speed is abnormal after night sword of God ten incense transfiguration. 
  • Fixed problem when no name prompted some to obtain the title. 
  • Fixed an attack creeps wrong question. 
  • Fixed an Zhi Yuan Lu Zhi Yuan Lu and really attack the wrong question. 
  • Fixed gold mine will not explode problem. 
  • Fixed steal money the wrong question. Caton Kawasaki mad three-game lead when corrected. 
  • Fixed an Quixote heal the wrong question. 
  • Fixed Uchi Houbara late game Caton problem can not be corrected Ake Thor ultimate learning skills issues. 
  • Fixed Xier Wei unable Get A grade goods issue. 
  • Fixed a result of the transformation skill bounce game. 
  • Fixed a typo when the dance. 
  • Fixed an unlimited stacking Wang Yi mirror problem. 
  • Fixed bug winds ghost upgrade without additive. 
  • Fixed an issue Bu Leike color redness. 
  • Raytheon visor Fixed text errors. 
  • Fixed seal must destroy damage error and adjusted. 
  • Fixed HL trial cause serious game Caton problem. 
  • Fixed Bu Leike spiritual power mode causes the game to flash back problems. 
  • Fixed a kill BOSS cause game Caton. Fixed Kawasaki mad when three skills lead to a reverse effect and cause flash back problems. 
  • Fixed game Caton snow caused a problem. Fixed an Guanxing and late game Hatsune Caton problem. 
  • Fixed an Lihua play the late game Caton problem. 
  • Fixed an Asuna release multiple skill late game Caton problem.
  • Fixed Charlotte blew not return goods problem. ...
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Plague City Medieval v3.8

Map Plague City Medieval _V_3.8 - 中世纪的瘟疫之城3.8 by Cazeoj276

Category: Other
Tileset: Cityscape
Dimensions: 256x256
Playable Area: 244x244
Recommended Players: 5-9
Size: 2540.8 KB

Is there anything else you would like to add? especially information about Plague City Medieval _V_3.8 latest details and features update. You can share by comment below. Thank you for visiting and see you soon, enjoy!

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Clash of Fire and Ice v1.0.2

Map Clash of Fire and Ice v1.0.2.w3x Created by Lign

- This map is inspired by DotA and Heroes of the Storm, where 2 teams (5 vs 5) fight each other and destroy other team's Castle.
- A special event will start when the heroes complete the objective, which can decide the outcome of the game.
- Included 48 heroes from my Treasure Hunter's Defense map.
- A new shop system allows each player to build their hero with different tactics.

- Each player start with a Wisp, which can quickly be selected by clicking the icon above the minimap.
- Using the Wisp with an extra inventory to store or immidiately transfer items to the hero, and most importantly, gain access to the minishops.
+There are total 6 minishops, which will open one by one if your hero reaches level 4, 8,12,16.
+With the first 4 minishops, each one of them has 2 tiers, once you buy an item from tier 01, it will be disabled and moved to tier 02, where you can upgrade the item you bought in tier 01. So BE CAREFUL EACH TIME YOU BUY AN ITEM FROM A TIER 01 MINISHOP, because there's no turning back.
+Items sold from level 16 minishops can be freely bought.
- There's an Sorcerer on the island at the top right corner, this is the place you can learn an extra spell for your hero. When you learn a new spell, it will replace your old spell.

- There's an ancient tomb filled with abandoned skeletons. The gateways to the tomb will open after 3 minutes when the game begin.
- Each time you you kill a skeleton, a Gem of Strength will be dropped. Collect them to gain gold and increase 1 strength for your team's Master.
- When all the skeletons are dead, the Lighting Revenant will appear at the end of the tomb, kill it to summon your team's Master. That's when Kil'jaeden and Arthas join the final battle.

- At the start of each lane there's a tavern, you can hire mercenaries to fight for you from there (with a right cost).
- Some units have special ability which can help you a lots in the battlefield.

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February 25, 2016

Elder Scrolls Survival v0.9.3

Map Elder Scrolls Survival v0.9.3 - Tes_Survival_v_0_9_3.w3x by 3Ggate
Герои из вселенной The Elder Scrolls защащают свои земли от вражеского нашествия
-Прокачка героя до 900 уровня
-Магазин для улучшения героя

Кто подержиться дольше всех - выиграет

Category: Mini-Game/Sports
Tileset: Black Citadel
Dimensions: 256x256
Playable Area: 250x123
Recommended Players: 1-4
Size: 3900.7 KB

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February 24, 2016

Life of a Dragon Sequel v2.0

Map Life of a Dragon Sequel v2.0.w3x by Christopher10
Two hundred years after Life of a Dragon...

Life of a Dragon Sequel 2.0 is the successor to the previous Life of a Dragon. Although previous versions of Life of a Dragon Sequel have been known throughout the Wc3 Roleplay Community they were always filled with numerous bugs, unbalanced, and incomplete content that I've abandoned upon the last made version, 1.1, 4 years prior.

I've since returned... And gave Life of a Dragon Sequel an upgrade likened to an Expansion Pack. Including numerous Changes, Additions, Tweaks, Alterations, Balances, Fixes, and much more!

Life of a Dragon Sequel is a Roleplaying Map, featuring numerous positions. The main gameplay revolves around the first five player slots known as "Chosen Dragons". While also including a "Dragon Slayer" a "Dragon Catcher", an entire "Human Kingdom" and "Fel Empire" as well as a "Mercenary" choice.

F9 holds very helpful, grammar correct, Guides and Information. With numerous Commands for In-game Mechanics and Roleplaying.

Chosen Dragon gameplay revolved around the player, a recently born hatchling, having greater potential than all other dragons and the ability to Grow. You grow at certain level intervals, but soon you'll have to choose a Color/Element to proceed. Gender Choice with a full working Mating System.

Slayer and Catcher are Human Heroes with their own unique abilities and Upgradable Weapons. Slayer is Melee Based Male Hero, while Catcher is a Range Based Female Hero with the ability to capture "Chosen Dragons".

Kingdom and Empire are vast nations, the Kingdom controls a majority of the region while the Fel Empire being the vice versa of the Kingdom.

Mercenary is likened to Slayer and Catcher, with the exception of being able to choose a Hero he/she will like to be.

The Game has a strict Hero Revival System. Where Dragon players (After a certain Mercy Level) will only have one free resurrection and then they are one-life only. Kingdom, Empire, Slayer, and Catcher have Altars, but they cannot be rebuilt when destroyed. While Mercenary has a 'Chance System' where upon death, they are brought back to the Hero Selection area.

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February 23, 2016

Dimensional Element v6.0

Map Dimensional Element v6.0 - 次元之初 v6.0 by China member

发布主题“恭喜开区"的小伙伴一律  双V5~20不等

Is there anything else you would like to add? especially information about Dimensional  Element v6.0 latest details and features update. You can share by comment below. Thank you for visiting and see you soon, enjoy!

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Coconut Party v2.4

Map Coconut Party v2.4.w3x Created by Quilnez

Coconut Party is a quadruple threat pong based mini game. You gotta control one of Warcraft 3 workers and help them to win set of games which takes place on an isolated island. Coconut Party is a Warcraft 3 map which focuses to bring intense mini-gaming experience. It has various game modes and multi-leveled AI system along with other fancy features. The map is seriously fun, and can be quite competitive, either you play it online or offline.
Further details and explanations about the gameplay will be explained below.

Firstly you have to select to play as Peasant (red, south), Peon (blue, west), Acolyte (cyan, north), or Runner (purple, east). Player with lowest number will be the game host. The host has the authority to configure matches' options and AI skill level. The host can discuss about the next match in the Chat Mode (press 'esc" to exit the mode). If you are not the host, you have to wait for him to set things up. To begin the match, press "Game On" and the match will soon start within seconds.

Different game modes have different set of rules, which can be read in the Read Me (F9). In Classic Mode, the main objective is to collect as much points as possible by shooting coconuts at enemies' goal posts. Every goal made using different type of coconuts will give different portion of points. If you blow a poisoned coconut (green) you will be penalized.

In the Elimination Mode, your main goal is to retain your Life Point (LP) and survive as long as possible and to be the last one to stand. Final score will be determined by your ranking. If you are the winner, you will get 15 points bonus plus your remaining LP. Unlike tho other modes, this mode kinda requires you to be very discipline on defending your base or you will lose.

In the Gorilla Fight mode, your main objective is to defeat the spawned gorilla by shooting coconuts at it. The harder your shoot the more damage you will give. But if a coconut enters anyone's goal post, the damage will be shared to all players. So make sure you have a good team. Final score will be determined by assist count, damage given, damage taken, and remaining LP. If you are the last hitter, you will be rewarded by free 5 points. If your team is out of LP, you will lose the match and don't get any bonus.

- Gold coconut value is reduced to 5
- Increased bounce power on elimination mode
- Fixed gorilla match lose message font color
- Increased sounds effects and music volume
- Reduced iron coconut spawn rate
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Fortress Survival Alpha 6.63

Map Fortress Survival Alpha 6.63P.w3x by Nevo
- General ::
  • Miscellaneous Global Terrain Changes
  • New CC Tower Upgrade: Second Chance
Balance Changes ::
  • Mode Lumber Bonuses Changed Revised:
    - Easy Lumber Starter Bonus Changed to 15
    - Normal Lumber Starter Bonus Changed to 25
    - Mad Lumber Starter Bonus Changed to 50
    - ImpossibleLumber Starter Bonus Changed to 75
    - Nightmare Lumber Starter Bonus Changed to 100
  • Armored Walls Upgrade Total Levels Increased from 40 to 70
  • Spiked Defenses Upgrade Total Levels Increased from 20 to 35
  • Plated Armor Unit Upgrade Total Levels Increased from 15 to 20
  • Avatar Askori BOSS Attack Cooldown Reduced from 0.40 to 0.20
  • Fire Shrieker BOSS HP Regeneration Increased from 25 to 50%
  • Mozaic Golem BOSS Chance to Bash Reduced from 30 to 20%
  • Command Center Build Time Decreased from 20 to 15 seconds
  • Water Revenant BOSS HP Regeneration Increased from 25 to 75%
  • Grumus BOSS De-Buffed:
    - 25% Chance Evasion Removed
    - Attack Cooldown Increased from 0.50 to 0.65
  • Assassin Tower Upgrade Times Updated:
    - Lvl 2 Accomplished Assassin Build Time Decreased from 45 to 40
    - Lvl 3 Adept Assassin Build Time Decreased from 50 to 45
    - Lvl 4 Skilled Assassin Build Time Decreased from 55 to 50
    - Lvl 5 Master Assassin Build Time Decreased from 60 to 55
  • Tesla Coil Tower Ranges Updated:
    - Lvl 1 Tesla Coil Increased from 325 to 425
    - Lvl 2 Fusion Coil Increased from 350 to 450
    - Lvl 3 Voltage Coil Increased from 375 to 475
    - Lvl 4 Shocking Coil Increased from 420 to 500
    - Lvl 5 Thunder Coil Increased from 425 to 525
    - Lvl 6 Sky-Fury Coil Increased from 450 to 550
  • Gravity Tower Ranges Updated:
    - Lvl 1 Gravity Disruptor Increased from 700 to 750
    - Lvl 2 Gravity Shifter Increased from 750 to 800
    - Lvl 3 Gravity Spire Increased from 800 to 850
    - Lvl 4 Gravity Splicer Increased from 850 to 900
    - Lvl 6 Gravity Fabricator Increased from 950 to 1000
  • Slujj Hat and Shade Hat Towers Upgrade Cost Updates:
    - Lvl 6 Slujj Infestation Gold Cost Increased from 1 to 20
    - Lvl 6 Shade Pestilence Gold Cost Increased from 1 to 20
  • Water Gloves Tower Upgrade Costs Updated:
    - Lvl 2 Water Siren Lumber Cost Increased from 100 to 200
    - Lvl 3 Water Daemon Lumber Cost Increased from 200 to 400
    - Lvl 4 Water Reaper Lumber Cost Increased from 300 to 750
    - Lvl 5 Water Cerberus Lumber Cost Increased from 400 to 1000
    - Lvl 6 Water Ultimator Lumber Cost Increased from 500 to 1000
    - Lvl 6 Water Ultimator Gold Cost Increased from 1 to 10
Improvements ::
  • Lvl 6 Infernal Launcher Revised into Pheonix Launcher
  • Lvl 5 Pony Launcher Revised into Nether Launcher
  • Lvl 4 Panda Launcher Revised into Sheep Launcher
  • Lvl 3 Penguin Launcher Revised into Night Elf Launcher
  • Spiked Defenses Upgrade Description Updated
  • Charm Hotkey Updated to "C"
Bugs/Glitches ::
  • Freezing Attack/Smash Attack
  • Miscellaneous
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February 21, 2016

Huyen Thoai Vo Lam (Defense) v4.6

Map Huyen Thoai Vo Lam (Defense) v4.6.w3x by Nh Blade Master (VietNam)

Cap nhat: F9 de xem chi tiet (F9 More info in game)
Command: vn, -rp, -swap, -ma, -cl

Map mới sẽ có hệ thống xếp hạng thành tựu vào cuối game nhé (dù thắng hay thua)
Gồm 14 Rank:
0: Vô danh tiểu tốt (F)
1: Sơ nhập giang hồ (E)
2: Tiểu thí thân thủ (D)
3: Sơ hiệu phong mang (D+)
4: Tiệm lộ đầu giác (C)
5: Tiểu hữu danh khí (C+)
6: Trượng kiếm giang hồ (B)
7: Thanh danh thước khởi (B+)
8: Dương danh lập vạn (A)
9: Uy danh hiển hách (A+)
10: Danh vang tứ hải (S)
11: cái thế vô song (SS)
12: Độc nhất vô nhị (SSS)
13: Thiên hạ vô song (S+)

P/s: điểm thành tựu có được trong quá trình chơi qua các hoạt động: giết boss, săn item, vượt qua event, chiến tích, vượt qua AB,...

Map hiện tại có 33 hero, lấy ý tưởng từ các game online Kiếm Thế, Thiên Long Bát Bộ, Võ Lâm 2, Tiếu Ngạo Giang Hồ,...

Nhiệm vụ chính: Phòng thủ

Chế độ: có 4 chế độ
- Dễ: mỗi 7 level sẽ có 1 boss xuất hiện, giết boss 5 sẽ win
- Bình thường: level 5,10,16,25,32, xuất hiện Âm Binh (dame cao, hp cao, có stun)
- Khó: Giống bình thường, nhưng ở level 13,19,26,31, xuất hiện boss thủ lĩnh (dame cao, hp cao, sử dụng skill)
- Địa Ngục: Giống khó, nhưng sau khi giết boss 5 sẽ không Win, mà tiếp tục 7 level nữa với Quái cực mạnh (dame cao, Hp cao), sau 7 level sẽ xuất hiện boss cuối

Event: Có 2 event, sau level 6 và level 20

Cách chơi: đơn giản, vào game train level, train gold, lumber sau đó săn boss up item, phòng thủ

Các lệnh trong Map: vn (về nhà)
  • Item: 4 Item cơ bản, Giáp, Mũ, Đai, Kiếm => Nâng cấp +4
  • Săn thủy tinh để nâng cấp Item +4 => Trang bị thường, tinh luyện, truyền thuyết (có 3 loại trang bị ứng với 3 loại thủy tinh Sức mạnh, nội công, thân pháp)
  • Quan Ấn: Khi đủ tiền và danh vọng(Lumber: có được khi đánh quái và event) có thể mua quan ấn Hiệu úy, sau đó nâng cấp lên Thống lĩnh, Phó Tướng, Đại Tướng, Nguyên soái
  • Trang sức: hợp nhất Mũ, Giáp, Đai +4 => hạng liên, dùng huyền tinh 1,2,3,4 để nâng cấp hạng liên (có tỉ lệ thành công)
Còn 1 số Item do boss rơi ra

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Green TD Evolution v1.08d

Map Green TD Evolution v1.08d.w3x by Smurphy101
Map Has been updated to v1.08d, look at changelog if interested in additions and fixes.

This is a Green TD Map, so it isn't very original, i started editing a map in 2011, called Green TD Pros Final VIII. It was a generally good map to play, but looking at it in worldedit, it was pretty bad, until recently my version was still called Green TD Pros. It is now named Green TD Evolution, it really isn't that much of an evolution of Green TD i just couldn't think of a better name, plus the map is so drastically different from the version i started with that i think its a fitting name.

What ive tryed to do with my version of Green TD is to make it more consistent, better balancing, better towers, better triggers and systems, better terrain and generally a better playing experience. In my opinion i have succeeded in doing that, at least in The Evolution Versions anyway, the previous versions weren't really that good.

I have had a change of heart about protecting my maps, so this map is now unprotected.

The map uses no custom Models, Icons, Effects, Terrain, Pictures etc. I wanted to keep the map size as low as possible, and also i dont generally like custom models and stuff in something as simple as this as it, to me anyway, ruins the feel and atmosphere of the map and they are mostly unneeded and just make the map have a larger size making it take longer to download when in Warcraft and take longer to load. [No longer 100% accurate as i have, since originally writing this, added a few modified-blizzard icons]

-- Multiple Gamemode options, along with a full text system to choose them at the start of the game.
-- Fully Featured tool-tips and hotkeys for everything.
-- Modified standard Warcraft 3 Game Interface and Tooltips.
-- A Complete and fully functioning Multiboard.
-- Several Commands, 2 different Camera Modes
-- A Fair way of getting rid of towers of another player.
-- Completely Redone Damage Values and Armour Values [ie, when you mouse over the weapon and icon values it shows you a bunch of percentages]
-- An Auto-Blink Movement System
-- Completely Redone Towers [Models, Sounds, Attacks, Etc]
-- A Complete Information Dialog with Change-logs dating back to May 2012 [The Quest Tab]
-- A Slot for an Observer along with an Observer only unit with Some Deadly and Completely Harmless Sheep Based Spells
-- Upgrade Shortcuts for most of the starting towers

The Map has 11 Towers: Siege, Air, Frost, Poison, Aura, Fire Trap, Chaos, Bouncing, Bash, Research and Spell.

Game Modes
Gamemodes, The Map has 5 Difficulty, 2 Separate Builders and an Endless Mode Option.

Code = -d#b# for No Endless Mode, -d#b#em for Endless Mode
Example: -d2b1 is Normal Difficulty/Normal Builder

d1 = Easy
d2 = Normal
d3 = Hard
d4 = Very Hard
d5 = Chaos Mode

b1 = Normal Builder
b2 = Classic Builder

em = Endless Mode

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Rise of the Vampyr v3.4

Map Rise of the Vampyr v3.4.w3x by Marshmalo
Fantasy Vampire map

Category: Other
Tileset: Village
Dimensions: 352x288
Playable Area: 340x276
Recommended Players: 8
Size: 7968.5 KB
Is there anything else you would like to add? especially information about Rise of the Vampyr v3.4 latest details and features update. You can share by comment below. Thank you for visiting and see you soon, enjoy!

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February 20, 2016

Moo Moo v4.06 Generation X

Map Moo Moo v4.06 Generation X - MooMoov4.06GenerationX.w3x by Redbeef

Join an epic battle to defend Moo Moo from the evil centaur raiders

Official Changelog MMGX v4.06 changelog:

-Classic Wave
Removed buildings and units around.
Set population to half.

-Intelligence heroes set initial mana base to 500.

-Colossus : Cozi
Gamma Crush remake damage from 500 to 1.5x strength damage.

-Disciple of Light : Ernie Bueza
Arc Shift rescaled cooldown from 3 to 12/9/6/3
Heat Storms rescaled cooldown from 3 to 12/9/6/3
Lightning Strike rescaled cooldown from 3 to 12/9/6/3

Fixed credits text and info's
Fixed various typo errors
Fixed various other tooltip errors
Fixed various glitch, spell exploit, icon, typo, and other tool tip errors.
Fixed various memory glitches resulted in abilities/items malfunctioning.

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February 19, 2016

World of Angel Arena v16.0c

Map World of Angel Arena v16.0c - Wofaa_v16_0c_AI.w3x by Vvopaa Abidin2171 MGT1_XPert

1) Убран баговый рудник заменен на сокровищницу.
2) Предприняты попытки устранить баг с пропавшим хранителем
3) Совиные медведи спаунятся по нормальному

1) Занерфлена Кровь Демона. 
2) Испрален баг с смертью Рудника. 
3) Починены баги с аурой рудника. 
4) Исправлены баги с описаними предметов. 
5) Переделана волна Утера. 
6) Переработана обратка Навариуса. 
7) Колдунская Сфера не работает по клику. 
8) Всем крипам убраны способности. 
9) Рудник дает дополнительно золото. 
10) Все легендарки падают под ноги убийци. 
11) С семьи Архимонда 100% дроп.

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Azeroth Wars Genesis 1.31D

Map Azeroth Wars Genesis 1.31D.w3x by Archi, Hanni, & Sukramo

-Restored vision to the game mode voting area.
-Nighthaven can now be used to return lumber.
-Gnomish Terminators now have unit inventory.
-Pink is now the only one who gets the Orgrimmar message.
-Items that can be upgraded now refere to ”shops” and not Goblin shops.
-All 1% unique upgrades are now turned off for second chances.
-Purity of Form bug fixed.
-Naval Straits now have text reflect that they give 10g/per, just like control points.
-Nefarians title is now Son of Deathwing.
In my first opening suggestion post for LR, like 5-6 years ago I was strongly opposed to Zul'jin and the Amani strting with Gray. It really didnt make much sense and eventually someone agreed and he was removed. Now, we celebrate his triumphant return.

Currently updated by Sukramo and Hannibal.

The Tier 1 Mastery are not done but since there are some important map stability changes in the version, It seems wrong to hold these backs due to me not really working on the map due to my exam the 15th. So enjoy these changes that should make the map load and handle better aswell as hopefully not drop 1 person on the loading screen 40% of the time.

See full changelog here: Azeroth Wars Genesis 1.31D changelog


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G Hero Giakyo 1.89b

Map G Hero Giakyo 1.89b.w3x by Shaggy (Update February/27/2016)
Feedback to me in: giakyo0985965@yahoo.com

Modify by Chippy, Giakyo
Items combine, set items, quests, reset level hero, buy skill,...
Welcome !!
+ Basic Walkthrough:
Completion of the successful defense in 120 minutes (EASY mode); or kill boss in order 1.2, 3 marked with red ink (SUPERMAN mode).
Just caught the end 12 Boss1 breaking "the reproductive" "creep" (marked in blue ink in order from left to right), or played for 120 minutes. For example: just attack was "the reproduction 1" when finished destroying "the reproduction 2".

+ The formula upgrade "item":
Wings, Dame, Hp, Armor, Mana can be upgraded to add one grade jade BLESS (50% success, failures are gone). Visit lv5 can upgrade jade CREATION (50% success, failure is not lost anything).
For example, level 1 + BLESS = Wings Wings level 2 (the ratio is 50%)
Wings level 2 + BLESS = Wings level 3 (ratio of 50%)
Wings Wings level 4 level 3 + BLESS = (ratio of 50%)
Str1, Agi1, INT1 can be upgraded to add one grade jade SOUL, CHAOS, STONE, LIFE.
Example: str1 + SOUL = str2
Str2 + SOUL = Str3
Str3 + CHAOS = Str4
Str4 + CHAOS = Str5
Str5 + CHAOS = Str6
Str6 + STONE = STR7
etc ..
Category: Hero Defense
Tileset: Icecrown Glacier
Dimensions: 96x160
Playable Area: 84x148
Recommended Players: 1-6 Hero
Size: 5992.5 KB

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February 17, 2016

Anime Final Battle v1.5c - AFB_1.5c.w3x

Map Anime Final Battle 1.5c released - AFB_1.5c.w3x by Tsuna Sawada (February/18/2016)

AFB v1.5c

English changelog: Anime Final Battle v1.5c full changelog

Type (check) When Pk End Still At Pk Place Bug Will Send Back To Home (10 Sec Inside)

Category: Hero Arena
Tileset: Sunken Ruins
Dimensions: 160x160
Playable Area: 154x149
Recommended Players:Anime Fan
Size: 30.7 MB

Is there anything else you would like to add? especially information about Anime Final Battle 1.5c latest details and features update. You can share by comment below. Thank you for visiting and see you soon, enjoy!

PS: Kyoya Hibari Mukuro Rokudo Yato Noragami Still Not Yet Done Please Dont Choose

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Sunken City v2.1.4

Map Sunken City v2.1.4.w3x Created by SpasMaster

Sunken City is a dungeon crawler map with RPG elements. A huge part of the map is the constant search for hidden places, traps and small puzzles which add to the fun. The addition of several unique systems adds to the overall experience.

Recommended players: 2-3
Estimated gameplay time: Between 3 and 4 hours depending on number of players and difficulty chosen.
Number of heroes: 27
Maximum Level: 18

Download: Sunken City v2.1.4.w3x

Welcome to the Glyph System window. Each Player is able to choose up to a maximum of 3 Glyphs for his hero and will not be able to have more than 1 Glyph of each type. Glyphs will be changeable at any point of the game and are completely free. As said, players will have a maximum of 3 Glyphs, but that does not happen up until Level 6. You will have one Glyph slot at level 1, two Glyph slots at level 3 and three Glyph slots at level 6. Currently there are 9 Glyphs that are still a subject of change.

You can check them all out below:

 Glyph of Mana Shield: Reduces damage taken by amount equal to 2% of your maximum mana.

 Battle Frenzy: Your attacks have 12% chance to increase your attack speed by 35% for 5 seconds.

 Glyph of Replenishment: Causes you to regenerate 0,6% of missing mana each second.

 Glyph of Bloodthirst: Causes your hero to restore health equal to 12% of any damage he deals.

 Glyph of Magic Find: Increases item drop chances from all creeps by 15% for the party. This glyph stacks with other player's Magic Find glyphs.

 Glyph of Class Mastery: After casting your T hotkey ability, your hero will gain Class Mastery for 4 seconds, which provides one of the following effects depending on his primary attribute:

• Strength: increases armor by 4 and causes attacks against your hero restore 1% of his maximum health.
• Agility: after dealing damage greater than 3 times your hero level, 40% of that damage will be dealt again.
• Intelligence: regenerates 2% of maximum mana.

 Glyph of Glass Cannon: Increases damage dealt from all sources by 15%, but every time your units take damage, they will loose life equal to 10% of damage taken.

 Glyph of Renewal: Grants your spellcasts 40% chance to restore health to all friendly units within 700 range equal to 100% of your primary attribute.

 Glyph of Thunder: Your spellcasts have 16% chance to call down lightnings from the skies that deal damage equal to 170% of your primary attribute and stun all enemy units within 600 range for 1,15 seconds.

 Glyph of Blood Violence: Whenever you or your pets deal damage to an enemy unit, there is 4,5% chance that its flesh will explode and will damage all nearby enemies for amount equal to 160% of your primary attribute. If the damage dealt is less than 3 times your Hero level, the chance will be reduced to 1%.

 Glyph of Astral Shift: When your hero is below 30% of maximum health, he partially shifts into the elemental panes, absorbing 20% of any incoming damage.

 Glyph of Hellfire: Deals damage equal to 3 times your hero level to all enemy units within 400 range of your hero each second. Damage dealt is reduced 1 time your hero level when more than 3 units are affected and is doubled if only one unit is affected by this Glyph.

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