April 29, 2016

Naruto Wars Unlimited 1.4.1b - NWU v1.4.1b.w3x

Map Naruto Wars Unlimited v1.4.1b - NWU 1.4.1b.w3x by Kroom & muZk

Choose from 49 of your favorite heroes from Naruto in a battle to defend your village.


  • New loading screen
  • Mac Compatibility
  • Pakkun goes on vacation, TonTon takes over

Bug fixes

  • Ukon mitigates 15% damage from Sakon, tooltip stated 20%
  • Pein's Ultimate fixed


  • Creep collision correctly increased from 14 to 16 to make selecting much easier
  • Super Creeps melee base damage increased from 35 to 38, ranged increased from 40 to 43
  • Creeps upgrade max level increased from 30 to 35, Mega Creeps set upgrade level to 35
  • Super Creeps and Mega Creeps gold bounty decreased by 10
  • Kyuubi Cavern slightly altered


  • Terrain/Trees slightly altered - several new juke and ward zones added
  • Added a few props to the gameplay environment
See full changelog: NWU 1.4.1b Changelog

Category: Hero Defense
Tileset: Ashenvale
Dimensions: 160x128
Playable Area: 153x120
Recommended Players:Everyone
Size: 7023.2 KB

Is there anything else you would like to add? especially information about Naruto Wars Unlimited - NWU v1.4.1b latest details and features update. You can share by comment below. Thank you for visiting and see you soon, enjoy!

Thanks for all player

Download: NWU v1.4.1b.w3x
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Resident Missions Umbrella 7.2

Map Resident Missions Umbrella[7.2].w3x by -[Deathkok]-
Other game of Resident Evil (Nemesis) for warcraft III

This map support AI+++
Category: Role Playing (RPG)
Tileset: Underground
Dimensions: 224x224
Playable Area: 212x167
Recommended Players: 8 Players
Size: 6989.6 KB

Is there anything else you would like to add? especially information about Resident Missions Umbrella 7.2 latest details and features update. You can share by comment below. Thank you for visiting and see you soon, enjoy!

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April 28, 2016

Naruto Legend 1.2c

Map Naruto Legend 1.2c.w3x by Olegeee (Russian)

1.2b changelog:
1. Исправлен урон с катоном Сарутоби, теперь наносит умеренный урон.
2. Исправлен урон Хинаты R, более не наносит четверной урон.
3. Исправлен баг с зонами Хинаты/Неджи, которые блокировали путь к телепорту к Гину и Кину, спасибо (Saber_Zero_45) за сообщение бага перед релизом.
1.2a changelog:
1. Ослаблен эффект Q с 8%/12%/16%/20% от маны урона до 4%/6%/8%/10% + 0.25x Уровня Q Ловкости урона.
2. Исправлен % срабатывания Q, был почему-то выше 15% (18/21/24/27 как на бьякугане, теперь 15%)
3. Переделано заклинание R, теперь ни под каким условием не должно создавать лишний эффект Ауры Хакке.
4. Переделано заклинание D, теперь работает почти в точности как у Неджи, кроме урона.
5. Переписано заклинание Сарутоби Q, теперь должно работать ровно 4 секунды.
6. Исправлен баг с тем, что Какузу мог собирать сердца с мобов на 1ом уровне заклинания.
7. Пилюли Клана Акимичи теперь работают на хоткей D.
8. Теперь все заклинания героев изучаются через хоткеи.
9. Убрана комбинация Мадара + Курама (в виду удаления героев, этот баг с версии 1.0а)
10. Убрана комбинация Наруто + Саске (Курама + Сусано) (в виду дизбаланса и редкого использования)
11. Обновлена моделька, иконка Сакуры и портерт.
12. Обновлен патч до версии 1.2а
Language map: Russian
Enjoy the game. Map created by Russian member

Category: Hero Defense
Tileset: Ashenvale
Dimensions: 128x128
Playable Area: 116x116
Recommended Players: 3 vs 3
Size: 6321.1 KB

Download: Naruto Legend 1.2c.w3x
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Gaias Retaliation ORPG v1.2B (16)

Map Gaias Retaliation ORPG v1.2B (16) fix Created by Todeszwiebel, teh.fellow, muzzel ; Uploaded by: Zwiebelchen

CHANGELOG (v1.2B (16)):
- Added a feature demo (and proof of concept) for the new repeatable quest system just outside of Mytargas at the refugee camp; offering a semi-random repeatable level 16-24 quest
- *HOTFIX* fixed a bug that resetted cooldowns on repeatable quests; changed cooldown to 20 minutes
- Fixed a bug sometimes affecting units with a permanent frost debuff when using Frostbite Arrow or fighting Gazrow
- Dispel Magic can no longer be spammed without triggering the 0.5 second cooldown when upgraded
- SP-dependency of Skeleton Mage, Efreet and Nymph summons now mentioned in the tooltip
- Symbol of Fury tooltips corrected
- Fixed Claw Strike and Beast Fury on Servant of the Skies (this time for real!)
- Game Hints now have a toggle button in the options tab in the hero command card; this will also restart the game hints
- Fixed a bug with frost cage lasting way longer than intended
- Added 'Cold Death' Recipe to the drop list of the Ancient One and increased chance to drop the recipe from turtles and water elementals in the cave aswell

If you experience crashes during the loading process, try set your Texture Quality setting to high. That should fix the problem. I also recommend setting Light Quality to high, or you might encounter graphic bugs inside dungeons.

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Hac Am Xam Tap II 1.2.8

Map Hac Am Xam Tap II 1.2.8.w3x created by SW2 (VietNam)

1.2.8 Changelog
- Cái Bang bị loại bỏ khỏi bản đồ.
- Thiên Sơn thay đổi hình dạng.
- Đường Môn gia nhập bản đồ.
- Thay đổi cách thức hồi phục sinh lực với nội lực. Tất cả tướng sẽ hồi theo hệ số:
• Sinh lực: 0.6(x cấp độ nhân vật)/0.5 giây.
• Sinh lực: 0.2(x cấp độ nhân vật)/0.5 giây.
- Sức mạnh/Nội công không còn tăng tốc độ hồi phục sinh lực/nội lực.- Giảm hệ số tất cả các kỹ năng hồi sinh lực.
- Giảm hệ số tất cả các kỹ năng hồi sinh lực.
- Máu tối đa toàn(bao gồm tất cả các quái và tướng) bản đồ giảm xuống 20%.
- Điều chỉnh lại kích cỡ thanh máu của một số tướng và nhà chính.
- Thay đổi phương thức hồi phục nội lực của các trang bị hồi nội lực: Cẩm Thạch Bối, Ngọc Như Ý, Thanh Long Ngọc, Ngọc Tỷ.
- Hệ thống tâm điểm lúc bắt đầu mới. Giúp người mới chơi dễ dàng chọn tướng cũng như định vị được tướng của mình.
- Tăng thêm độ rỏ ràng dễ hiểu cho trang bị(cách thức để có và có thể ghép thành những trang bị khác nhau gì...)
- Bản đồ Đào Hoa Đảo nay sẽ có địa hình dễ nhìn hơn không còn nhấp nhô khi di chuyển màn hình.
- Loại bỏ các NPC dịch chuyển dư thừa ở các bản đồ khác ngoại trừ NPC ở nhà chính.
- Giờ bạn sẽ có 10 phút để tiêu diệt Quỷ Vương giành chiến thắng khi đợt quái cuối cùng xuất hiện thay vì Quỷ Vương sẽ chạy đến tận nhà chính đánh bạn.
- Loại bỏ kỹ năng đẩy lùi của boss đợt thứ 20.
Category: Hero Defense
Tileset: Village
Dimensions: 128x128
Playable Area: 100x100
Recommended Players: 5
Size: 4931.7 KB

Is there anything else you would like to add? especially information about Hac Am Xam Tap II v1.2.8 latest details and features update. You can share by comment below. Thank you for visiting and see you soon, enjoy!

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April 26, 2016

Sunken City v2.2.2

Map Sunken City v2.2.2.w3x Created by SpasMaster

Version 2.2.2. [25.04.2016]

General Changes

  • Fixed a text message bug at the late game areas.
  • Base mana regeneration of heroes has been reduced to 2 per 5 seconds down from 3 per 5 seconds.
  • The Prison Break challenge now properly states that it awards 1 Scroll of Experience per player and not 3 Scrolls.
  • Fixed a bug where players did not recieve 700 gold for finding all secret areas.
  • Fixed a bug where the Dragon Knight's name appeared as Demon Hunter in the Multiboard.
  • Fixed a bug where the Tiara rewarded for The Sinner quest could appear in different locations.
  • Glyph of Renewal now restores health equal to 150% of Primary Attribute up from 100%.
  • Enemy units should now correctly target less often Strength heroes with Sleep.
  • Fixed a bug where deactivated Resurrection Stones would reset the cooldown of Recall.
  • The Pool Party Challenge now requires the players to kill Gentulon before he splits more than 5 times.
  • The Mode opposite to Heroic is now called "Standard" to differentiate it from the Normal Difficulty.
  • Fixed a pathing issue where the quest item required for the Old Rituals quest was not reachable.
  • The duration of the Parasite enemy ability has been reduced to 15 seconds down from 20.
  • The stun duration of Aimed Shot has been reduced to 1,25 seconds down from 1,50.
  • The damage dealt by higher ranks of the following enemy abilities has been increased: Haunt, Aimed Shot, Forked Lightning, Ignite
  • Glyph of Gold Find now has chance to grant 10-20 gold up from 5-15.
  • The ending area where the goblins are located has been reterrained.
  • The stun duration caused by the random Infernal event has been reduced to 1,75 seconds down from 2,50.
  • The Infernals summoned by the random events can no longer expire. Ever.
  • The random demon summong event now summons much stronger demons at higher levels. Tremble mortals and despair...
  • The downtime of obstacles deactivated by Power Obelisks has been reduced to 40 seconds down from 60.
  • Fixed a bug where the Old Rituals quest was not showing updates.
  • Experience gained from killing enemies has been increased.
  • Code optimizations.


  • Blood Scent should no longer get deactivated by consumables, powerups and other such items.
Demon Hunter
  • Starting Strength and Agility have been slightly reduced.
  • Metamorphosis now grants Health and Damage instead of Strength and Agility.
  • Metamorphosis duration has been increased to 25/35 up from 20/25.
  • Fixed a bug where the Demon Hunter did not gain Shadow Crystals from his passive while in Metamorphosis.
  • Fixed a bug where Force of Nature was not dealing instant damage at the location.
  • Multishot is now a Levelable Ability.
  • Toxic Shot has been removed.
  • A new ability has been added: Sharpshooter.
  • Serpent Sting has been removed.
  • A new ability has been added: Spawn Snakes.
  • Marksmanship has been removed.
  • A new ability has been added: Unleash the Beasts.
  • Mutilate should no longer state it restores health and mana.
  • The duration of the Carrion Swarm debuff has been reduced to 2,50 seconds down from 10.
  • The miss chance of the Carrion Swarm debuff has been increased to 100% up from 15%.
  • The Strength scaling of Unshackled Fury has been increased to 225% up from 175%.



  • Tooltip fixes.
  • Fixed a bug where certain abilities were not procing Gloves of Faerie Touch.
  • The tooltip of Disabled Rod should now be more precise about the specific type of electric source it needs.
  • Orb of Lightning proc chance has been increased to 20% up from 10%.
  • The purchase tooltip of Orb of Lightning now states the stats it gives.
  • The sell price of Sword of the General should now be more appropriate for an Epic item.
  • The proc chance of Warsong Howling Axe has been increased to 20% up from 15%.
  • The On-Hit damage of Warsong Howling Axe has been increased to 75% of Strength and Agility up from 50%.
  • The stats on the Warrior Hell Class item have been changed.

Download: Sunken City v2.2.2.w3x

Welcome to the Glyph System window. Each Player is able to choose up to a maximum of 3 Glyphs for his hero and will not be able to have more than 1 Glyph of each type. Glyphs will be changeable at any point of the game and are completely free. As said, players will have a maximum of 3 Glyphs, but that does not happen up until Level 6. You will have one Glyph slot at level 1, two Glyph slots at level 3 and three Glyph slots at level 6. Currently there are 9 Glyphs that are still a subject of change.

You can check them all out below:

 Glyph of Mana Shield: Reduces damage taken by amount equal to 2% of your maximum mana.

 Battle Frenzy: Your attacks have 12% chance to increase your attack speed by 35% for 5 seconds.

 Glyph of Replenishment: Causes you to regenerate 0,6% of missing mana each second.

 Glyph of Bloodthirst: Causes your hero to restore health equal to 12% of any damage he deals.

 Glyph of Magic Find: Increases item drop chances from all creeps by 15% for the party. This glyph stacks with other player's Magic Find glyphs.

 Glyph of Class Mastery: After casting your T hotkey ability, your hero will gain Class Mastery for 4 seconds, which provides one of the following effects depending on his primary attribute:

• Strength: increases armor by 4 and causes attacks against your hero restore 1% of his maximum health.
• Agility: after dealing damage greater than 3 times your hero level, 40% of that damage will be dealt again.
• Intelligence: regenerates 2% of maximum mana.

 Glyph of Glass Cannon: Increases damage dealt from all sources by 15%, but every time your units take damage, they will loose life equal to 10% of damage taken.

 Glyph of Renewal: Grants your spellcasts 40% chance to restore health to all friendly units within 700 range equal to 100% of your primary attribute.

 Glyph of Thunder: Your spellcasts have 16% chance to call down lightnings from the skies that deal damage equal to 170% of your primary attribute and stun all enemy units within 600 range for 1,15 seconds.

 Glyph of Blood Violence: Whenever you or your pets deal damage to an enemy unit, there is 4,5% chance that its flesh will explode and will damage all nearby enemies for amount equal to 160% of your primary attribute. If the damage dealt is less than 3 times your Hero level, the chance will be reduced to 1%.

 Glyph of Astral Shift: When your hero is below 30% of maximum health, he partially shifts into the elemental panes, absorbing 20% of any incoming damage.

 Glyph of Hellfire: Deals damage equal to 3 times your hero level to all enemy units within 400 range of your hero each second. Damage dealt is reduced 1 time your hero level when more than 3 units are affected and is doubled if only one unit is affected by this Glyph.

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April 25, 2016

One Piece - End Times X 1.77 AI

Map One Piece - End Times X 1.77 - OnePice EXE-1.77.w3x
You can play this map with other Player or Computer (AI+++)

Opened the era of pirates, or the end of this evil age! This, chosen by you. Update: 1, add a new hero (Robin Hancock, Moglia, Simon King) 2, repair some of the skill damage (Luffy pit goods, etc.) 3, fix known game BUG (does not affect the game ) 4, add a shopping assistant (can send goods) 5, removal mechanisms skill number (using mana after this release) 6, optimized game terrain (trees, textures) combined system: when a particular hero in the same forces will trigger combinations addition ● engage egg trio: Ice, Sabo, Luffy straw hat ● five groups: Zoro, Sanji, Usopp, Frankie, Robin ● Don Quixote family: 多弗朗明哥Caesar, four Huang Wei Geer ● New World: Shanks, white beard, black beard ● in the name of justice: red dog, blue pheasant, yellow monkey, tiger vine ● Kings seven Wu Hai: very flat, Luo, bear, crocodile sand, Hawkeye, Moglia, Hancock (this combination is only able to trigger any of five) game instruction: ● 60 seconds to enter a command - injuries: open harm display system -ON: open whole camp hero - curse: open system devil fruit curse - share: share ● open items frequently used instructions -kb: 5 seconds after killing the current controlled hero

-MH: detecting whether the player cheat Q: is this game gold is difficult to earn, the equipment can not answer : some places on the map casks, which are full of gold coins Q: What is the use of field Chuansong Zhen? A: Heroes come Chuansong Zhen middle, and then press the ESC key can be transmitted to each other in the wild Chuan Songzhen ask: what is the use of fragments of the wing? A: have a certain number to be wilderness areas in exchange for powerful equipment ...

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April 22, 2016

Huyen Thoai Vo Lam Defense v4.7f

Map Huyen Thoai Vo Lam (Defense) v4.7F.w3x by Nh Blade Master (VietNam)

Command: vn, -rp, -swap, -ma, -cl, -vs, -tt, -km

Cap nhat: F9 de xem chi tiet (F9 More info in game)
Command: vn, -rp, -swap, -ma, -cl
  • Category: Hero Defense
  • Tileset: Cityscape
  • Dimensions: 192x128
  • Playable Area: 191x128
  • Recommended Players: 6
  • Size: 8083.2 KB

Map mới sẽ có hệ thống xếp hạng thành tựu vào cuối game nhé (dù thắng hay thua)
Gồm 14 Rank:
0: Vô danh tiểu tốt (F)
1: Sơ nhập giang hồ (E)
2: Tiểu thí thân thủ (D)
3: Sơ hiệu phong mang (D+)
4: Tiệm lộ đầu giác (C)
5: Tiểu hữu danh khí (C+)
6: Trượng kiếm giang hồ (B)
7: Thanh danh thước khởi (B+)
8: Dương danh lập vạn (A)
9: Uy danh hiển hách (A+)
10: Danh vang tứ hải (S)
11: cái thế vô song (SS)
12: Độc nhất vô nhị (SSS)
13: Thiên hạ vô song (S+)

P/s: điểm thành tựu có được trong quá trình chơi qua các hoạt động: giết boss, săn item, vượt qua event, chiến tích, vượt qua AB,...

Map hiện tại có 33 hero, lấy ý tưởng từ các game online Kiếm Thế, Thiên Long Bát Bộ, Võ Lâm 2, Tiếu Ngạo Giang Hồ,...

Nhiệm vụ chính: Phòng thủ

Link download map: Huyen Thoai Vo Lam Defense 4.7F

Chế độ: có 4 chế độ
- Dễ: mỗi 7 level sẽ có 1 boss xuất hiện, giết boss 5 sẽ win
- Bình thường: level 5,10,16,25,32, xuất hiện Âm Binh (dame cao, hp cao, có stun)
- Khó: Giống bình thường, nhưng ở level 13,19,26,31, xuất hiện boss thủ lĩnh (dame cao, hp cao, sử dụng skill)
- Địa Ngục: Giống khó, nhưng sau khi giết boss 5 sẽ không Win, mà tiếp tục 7 level nữa với Quái cực mạnh (dame cao, Hp cao), sau 7 level sẽ xuất hiện boss cuối

Event: Có 2 event, sau level 6 và level 20

Cách chơi: đơn giản, vào game train level, train gold, lumber sau đó săn boss up item, phòng thủ

Các lệnh trong Map: vn (về nhà)
  • Item: 4 Item cơ bản, Giáp, Mũ, Đai, Kiếm => Nâng cấp +4
  • Săn thủy tinh để nâng cấp Item +4 => Trang bị thường, tinh luyện, truyền thuyết (có 3 loại trang bị ứng với 3 loại thủy tinh Sức mạnh, nội công, thân pháp)
  • Quan Ấn: Khi đủ tiền và danh vọng(Lumber: có được khi đánh quái và event) có thể mua quan ấn Hiệu úy, sau đó nâng cấp lên Thống lĩnh, Phó Tướng, Đại Tướng, Nguyên soái
  • Trang sức: hợp nhất Mũ, Giáp, Đai +4 => hạng liên, dùng huyền tinh 1,2,3,4 để nâng cấp hạng liên (có tỉ lệ thành công)
Còn 1 số Item do boss rơi ra

H­ướng dẫn ghép Item cho những bạn cần
Link mf: http://www.mediafire.com/download/6o3143hke6wywhf/ 
Link download map: Huyen Thoai Vo Lam Defense 4.7F
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Angel Arena Ultimate 1.1b

Map Angel Arena Ultimate 1.1b.w3x by Leonaldo Moraes
Dedico este mapa a minha amada esposa Niédia.
The Skills and sound of heros has benn improved.

Come to adventure in this epic battle and test their powers to the extreme.

Category: Hero Arena
Tileset: Northrend
Dimensions: 192x160
Playable Area: 180x148
Recommended Players: 8-12
Size: 2478.7 KB

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[TFK] Reborn Vs Naruto v8.3a

Map [TFK] Reborn Vs Naruto v 8.3a - Reborn_Vs_Naruto_8_3_Optimised.w3x by Edited By Black.Memory

Aos 3 way 31 hero

Today we Rise, we will not Fall. We cannot Fail. We WILL not Fail.

Today we fight, for our brothers and sisters. For our world. For our Future!

Today we remember, for those Forgotten, for those lost, for those scarred.
[TFK] Reborn Vs Naruto v8.0 Features:
  • Name Map: Reborn_Vs_Naruto_8_3_Optimised.w3x
  • Category: Hero Arena
  • Tileset: Ashenvale
  • Dimensions: 192x192
  • Playable Area: 192x192
  • Recommended Players: Anime Fans
  • Size: 7896 KB
  • Submitted: 22 Apr 2016 22:28
  • Edited By Black.Memory
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Anime Character Fight 2.9d - ACF v2.9d.w3x

Map ACF Version 2.9d - Anime Character Fight v2.9d by Unryze
Map Maker: Unryze
And so, perhaps it's time to show the new operating time. Ryougi Shiki. Character ready for 90%, the remaining 1 sang finish and will be 100%. So far, the show Infotext only when all the work has finished do + 1 new character
  • Category: Hero Arena
  • Tileset: Ashenvale
  • Dimensions: 96x64
  • Playable Area: 84x56
  • Recommended Players: 1x1 / 2x2 / 3x3 / 4x4
  • Size: 7579.3 KB

Is there anything else you would like to add? especially information about  latest Anime Character Fight 2.9d - ACF v2.9d.w3x details and features update. You can share by comment below. Thank you for visiting and see you soon, enjoy!

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April 20, 2016

War of Sanctity II - WoS II 1.45c AI opt.w3x

Map War of Sanctity II - WoS II 1.45c AI opt.w3x Created by Alxen ; Uploaded by: Alxen345

Update 1.45c
-Added a new shop

Update log 1.45b
-Arthas added to the Necropolis as a playable hero
-Added 3 new Preserve heroes
-Fixed current found bugs
Update log 1.45a Optimized
-Removed the combat faction between Illidan and Arthas and added Illidan as a hero.
-Soon going to be added Arthas too.
-Fixed current found bugs

You can play this map with other player or Computer (AI +++)

War of Sanctity II is the following drastical version of the previous one, WoS 1. It is heavily based on the systems WoS 1 used but highly improved. There is a total of 152 heroes that can fit any player depending on its preference. The items and also graphics are very well made having a wonderful appearance that will surely make you enjoy the game.

Heroes are classified as:
-Tanks - Mostly Strength heroes which rely more on melee engaging and heavy quick effective skills.
-Rangers - A part of the Agility heroes, mostly based on ranged assaulting skills and far distanced slaying
-Assassinss - The another part of Agility heroes, they are based more on melee slaying and disrupting skills at closed range.
-Spellcasters - A part of the Intelligence heroes, heavily based on the power of their spells. They are very useful against Asssassins 'cause of their low magic resistance.
-Supports - The another part of the Intelligence heroes, rely mostly on healing and positive apply of the buffs.

Is there anything else you would like to add? especially information about War of Sanctity II - WoS II 1.45c latest details and features update. You can share by comment below. Thank you for visiting and see you soon, enjoy!

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