June 26, 2016

Naruto Saga v1.33c

Map Naruto Saga v1.33c.w3x by Kakerate

Choose from any of 18 Ninjas from the original Naruto series! Fill your role and play throughout the storyline to become the most powerful ninja!

Created by: Kakerate v1.33c

From author this map:
My maps in beta now, so I figured I'd make a post on here telling you guys about it! Best played with a Full House, but you'll be able to test everything in Single Player. ~Eight Players is playable for multiplayer. Typical game duration is about 90 minutes.

Be sure to tell me about any ideas for Items! I haven't worked out all of the itemization yet, so the shops may be a little underwhelming.
Anyways, play it with friends, test it. Tell me what you think about it! All suggestions welcome.
  • Category: Role Playing (RPG)
  • Tileset: Lordaeron Summer
  • Dimensions: 256x256
  • Playable Area: 255x255
  • Recommended Players: 8-12
  • Size: 8187.4 KB

Is there anything else you would like to add? especially information about Naruto Saga v1.33c latest details and features update. You can share by comment below. Thank you for visiting and see you soon, enjoy!

Download: Naruto Saga 1.33c - Naruto Saga v1.33c
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June 11, 2016

Hardcore ninja 1.5 AI

Map Hardcore-Ninja-1.5.w3x Submitted by Calciumcarbonat

This is an ultra fast paced action game, with instant-kill combat.Destroy your enemies by fighting like a badass Ninja Warrior!Player 1 has to be taken for choosing the game mode!

This game is a quick, minigame with super fast, instant kill combat. It is easy to learn but has a big potential for skill improvement, since it is mostly reaction based. This makes the map ideal for a quick fun match with friends. Use abilities like mighty shockwaves or deadly shurikens to defeat your foes and dodge their attacks with teleporting skills and good timing. The aim is to eliminate the enemy team 10 times. My main inspiration was the Dota 2 map with the same name.

My aim was to create the fastes and smoothest combat, possible to create in Warcraft III. Custom visual effects and sounds, increase the impact of the combat and the players are rewarded by gaining achievements for well executed fights.Future plans are implementing more abilities, game modes (capture point) and arenas.

  • Author: Calciumcarbonat
  • Suggested players: 2+
  • Players: 12
  • Required game: The Frozen Throne (Warcraft III)
  • Size: 116x116 (128x128)
  • Filesize: 1324.98 KB
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Beyond the boundary 1.3b

Map Beyond the boundary 1.3b Analysis: War Dragon

Fast game, also down a half-hour, a wide variety of game modes
Hi skin more new phase-out mode: the total number of deaths within the team will be eliminated over a certain amount, the last team to win to survive the crazy speed!

Mode: Zabing endless sea, more frenzied pace to ensure stimulation.
Perfect store system, loaded to force cool special effects, hanging fried days murder weapon, the perfect hero Newark in the last version

Category: Hero Arena
Tileset: Cityscape
Dimensions: 192x160
Playable Area: 148x120
Recommended Players: 1-9
Size: 18.02 MB

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Dimensional CYZC 7.8

Map Dimensional CYZC v7.8 - CYZC7.8.w3x - 
Category: Hero Arena
Update hero: every night, between excellent discipline
1. Fortune: Fixes abnormal BUG
2. Get a lot of gold coins golden egg to pool krypton 20% higher chance of obtaining eggs in mind .
3. Give krypton golden egg pool added a new card - type support Claire - can instantly upgrade all allies around 100 attack power for 10 sec.
King Kong Force Awakening (R): the effect of changes to strengthen the transfiguration W will refresh CD, movement speed increase of 30 points, attack power increased by 50 points, the whole property is temporarily increased by 20 points.

Map size: 53.07 MB
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Pokemon World League 2.5II

Map Pokemon World League 2.5II - Pokemon_World_v2.52.w3x official version

Author: Sheng

New pet Moltres Articuno Zapdos Lugia, up duck duck
Moltres Gotha: Electrical conduits island by boat to go after a kill 30 captured
Moltres Articuno: twin islands kill 30 frozen after the bird capture Zapdos: the unmanned power plant kills 30
Zapdos capture Lugia: after activating kill all three birds in the middle of the map stone water spots appear up duck
Multi-scale increase of 99% over 100 Armor life changed more than 90% of life 9 ) amended goldfish Wang, thorn sea dragon, dragon thorn abnormal movement speed, movement speed dragon into the water transfer rate of 300 380 land mobile speed 28010) 100% restoration capture still escape bug ...

Download: Pokemon_World_v2.52.w3x
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June 10, 2016

The Mechanics v5

Map The Mechanics v5.w3x by PsYCHzZz
Pick your favorite Machine,and fight with other machines...get points by killing enemy's units.
You can choose the mode you like:
-Team mode.
-FreeForAll mode.
-Machine Run.
-Random Skills.

Category: Hero Arena
Tileset: Ashenvale
Dimensions: 64x64
Playable Area: 56x56
Recommended Players: Any
Size: 7306.3 KB

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June 08, 2016

Naruto Saga 1.32k

Map Naruto Saga v1.32k.w3x by Kakerate
Choose from any of 18 Ninjas from the original Naruto series! Fill your role and play throughout the storyline to become the most powerful ninja!

Created by: Kakerate v1.32k

From author this map:
My maps in beta now, so I figured I'd make a post on here telling you guys about it! Best played with a Full House, but you'll be able to test everything in Single Player. ~Eight Players is playable for multiplayer. Typical game duration is about 90 minutes.

Be sure to tell me about any ideas for Items! I haven't worked out all of the itemization yet, so the shops may be a little underwhelming.
Anyways, play it with friends, test it. Tell me what you think about it! All suggestions welcome.
  • Category: Role Playing (RPG)
  • Tileset: Lordaeron Summer
  • Dimensions: 256x256
  • Playable Area: 255x255
  • Recommended Players: 8-12
  • Size: 8187.4 KB

Is there anything else you would like to add? especially information about Naruto Saga v1.32k latest details and features update. You can share by comment below. Thank you for visiting and see you soon, enjoy!

Download: Naruto Saga v1.32k.w3x
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June 06, 2016

Hell vs Heaven Custom 1.65 AI

Map U9_Hell vs Heaven Custom 1.65.w3x by Akuraizu

You can play this map with other players or Computer (AI+++)

Fun version Of Hell vs Heaven,
Few Changes
Category: Hero Arena
Tileset: Icecrown Glacier
Dimensions: 192x160
Playable Area: 180x156
Recommended Players: Perverted Amount
Size: 7351.6 KB

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June 05, 2016

Naruto Crazy Party 1.27c AI

 Map Naruto Crazy Party 1.27c AI - Author: Wood

You can play this map with other player or Computer (AI+++)
  • Canceled the autonomous call tailed beast, kill the beast Last 30 seconds will automatically call the corresponding base tailed beast from the counter attack. 
  • Adjust the lens system can be increased and then decreased by ↑ ↓, ← → press for about rotation, reset by pressing the ← →. 
  • Fixed Items ten Quanjian active effect without vertigo bug.
 Fixed lens system dropped the issue led to adjustments to the layout of the original wild areas

Significantly weakened large creeps, and the abolition of a large team creeps reward field businessman forbearance is no longer sold, to sell some basic equipment, details see games. More exciting game to experience it ^ _ ^
Download: NARUTO_Crazy_Party_1.27c.w3x
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Gaias Retaliation ORPG v1.2C

Map Gaias Retaliation ORPG v1.2C fix Created by Todeszwiebel, teh.fellow, muzzel ; Uploaded by: Zwiebelchen

v1.2C is downwards compatible to v1.2B(13).

Note: to import codes of v1.2B(13), use -comp instead of -load!
Only codes of 1.2B(13) are currently supported by the "-comp" command. If you have older codes, load and save them in 1.2B(13) to convert them into the new format!


- You can now explore the Whitepine Mountains for a brand new chapter of Gaias Retaliation
- New items, quests, bosses, events
- Explore the world and find unique rarespawns and treasure chests for interesting loot in duo and even for single players with mercenaries
- Over 30 new recipes
- Find components and build 10 new legendaries
- Updated Extension pack to 1.4: new music, new voice-over, etc

- Fixed a serious flaw in the buff system, causing the struct allocation to get corrupted (very likely responsible for the crashes and permabuff bugs too)
- Fixed a bug with some items (Golden Feather Mantle, Celestial Garments) not showing the right skin texture
- Fixed some weird shadows around the neck of the thief and ranger portrait
- Added some improvements to the ranger portrait (more visible hair)
- Block ability on shields reduced from 20% to 10%
- Bosses with random target abilities will no longer try to target untargetable units
- Fixed a bug that allowed picking both abilities in the first ability choice
- Increased cooldown of Mass Teleport on Overseer again, but kept the reduced time until the first Mass Teleport
- Changed the buff monitor to display charges for Chorus, Divine Fist, Berserker Rage and Deathfire Veil
- Curse of the Vampire will now be displayed on the buff monitor
- Fixed a bug with steel body hotkey on deactivate
- 'Charge' buff will now be removed if the character dismounts
- Hardened Dagger now correctly applies the attackspeed bonus
- The game will now determine the highest level player that had threat on a unit when applying XP gains; if the highest level player is more than 5 levels over the level of the killed creep, XP awarded by that creep is reduced by 10% for each additional level over the creep beyond 5
- Gold gain is not affected by this
- Cleric Quest no longer bugs for other players after the first player wins the event
- 'Inspire' now regenerates a percentage of mana instead of a fixed amount
- 'Song of Vigor' is now based on the caster's agility instead of character level
- XP gain curve from kills now slightly drops off after reaching level 45
- All mercenaries and minions now have their cast points adjusted properly so that channeling spells no longer cast at a slight delay
- Water resistance now properly reduces the duration of frost slow effects
- Poison resistance now properly reduces the duration of poison slow effects
- Fixed a bug with the disenchanting system not being able to disenchant lowlevel armors
- Fixed a bug that caused some legendary soul auras not to display correctly in the stat window
- Psion Level 50 talent changed to only grant 1 point of attackpower every 2 charges of Psionic Blade

If you experience crashes during the loading process, try set your Texture Quality setting to high. That should fix the problem. I also recommend setting Light Quality to high, or you might encounter graphic bugs inside dungeons.

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Fantasmagoria RPG v9.w3x

Map Fantasmagoria RPG v9.w3x by Akella & BAN (Russian)
Full RUS language

Storyline: when the map you will see the heroes who are willing to fight under your leadership. By choosing a warrior you navigate to the location of the "Sacred power" , which receive more Quests from locals , the main of which is the quest "Pifi " which informs the heroes that the outside of them happening phenomena caused by nightmares , which materialized in the real time, and their main source of enslaved creatures survived by his heartless and mutilated beings. Due to the fact that the survivors wait for help from anyone - it asks you to save their souls , which asks to go to a wise man and talk to him about the future!

General information:
The author and developer: Akella & BAN /2010-2016/
Category: RPG/ORPG
Language: Full RUS (planned to translate into Eng)
Players: 8
Recomend players: 3-8
Support for PC: no
terrain: Lordaeron summer
Version Warcraft 3 patch: 1.24+
The current version of the map: v9

Game Features:
Game space: a huge world with lots of locations, quests, items (based on recipes included), a large number of Bosses and neutral hostile creeps, non-standard models of units
anti-cheat system (for single game): +
anti-afc system : +
named items: +
save/load system: +

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June 04, 2016

Sunken City 2.2.6

Map Sunken City v2.2.6.w3x Created by SpasMaster

Sunken City is a Dungeon Crawler map with RPG elements. The Player controls a hero and has to over come numerous puzzles, traps, quests, enemies and different bosses to reach the end. The game contains multiple different features that allow for advanced hero customization.
  • Recommended Players: Soloing is possible, but for better experience play with 2 or 3 players.
  • Gameplay Time: Between 3 and 6 hours depending on number of players and difficulty.
  • Amount of Heroes: 24
  • Maximum Level: 18
See full changelog: Sunken City v2.2.6 changelog

  • Diverse Heroes: The 24 heroes in Sunken City possess different custom skills which are well presented in detailed tooltips.
  • Backpack System: In case your inventory is full, you are given a backpack with additional 6 slots where you can carry quest items or unused items for selling.
  • Stat System: Each level you are given the possibility to access the Skill Poitns Menu and gain access to secondary stats (non-Strength, Agility, Intelligence).
  • Item Interaction Systems: Sunken City gives the option to Disenchant items for stats or to Reforge unused lesser items to create better ones.
  • Chest System: There are many Chests scattered around the Sunken City. Opening them rewards you with a random item!
  • Quests: Embark quests that give you side objectives throughout the game!
  • Challenges: Complete difficult optional challenges for additional rewards.
  • Shop System: A simple and intuitive shop system makes it easier for players to navigate and purchase some of the many Sunken City shop items.
  • Rolling: Sunken City allows you to roll for items that suit everyone. Therefore you can avoid stealing.
  • Damage and Armor: Sunken City's gameplay is based around damaging the best target. By mouse-overing your damage and armor you will easiliy understand what's your best target!
  • Gold System: Players in Sunken City share the Gold gained by killing creeps!
  • Randomized Items: Each creature you kill has a chance of dropping one of the hundreds of items, contained in a scripted loot-table. In addition bosses have multiple drops, which add to the replayability.
  • Glyph System: A system that improves hero customisation in various ways. Preview below:
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Clash of Fire and Ice 1.1.6 AI

Map Clash of Fire and Ice v1.1.6 AI - COFAI v1.1.6.w3x Created by Lign

Version 1.1.5
-Remade Warden and Faerie Dragon's spells.

Version 1.1.6
-Added 5 heroes into AI Mode.
-Some changes with Elemental Master's spells.

- Each player start with a Wisp, which can quickly be selected by clicking the icon above the minimap.

- Using the Wisp with an extra inventory to store or immidiately transfer items to the hero, and most importantly, gain access to the minishops.
+There are total 6 minishops, which will open one by one if your hero reaches level 4, 8,12,16.
+With the first 4 minishops, each one of them has 2 tiers, once you buy an item from tier 01, it will be disabled and moved to tier 02, where you can upgrade the item you bought in tier 01. So BE CAREFUL EACH TIME YOU BUY AN ITEM FROM A TIER 01 MINISHOP, because there's no turning back.
+Items sold from level 16 minishops can be freely bought.
- There's an Sorcerer on the island at the top right corner, this is the place you can learn an extra spell for your hero. When you learn a new spell, it will replace your old spell.

- There's an ancient tomb filled with abandoned skeletons. The gateways to the tomb will open after 3 minutes when the game begin.
- Each time you you kill a skeleton, a Gem of Strength will be dropped. Collect them to gain gold and increase 1 strength for your team's Master.
- When all the skeletons are dead, the Lighting Revenant will appear at the end of the tomb, kill it to summon your team's Master. That's when Kil'jaeden and Arthas join the final battle.

- At the start of each lane there's a tavern, you can hire mercenaries to fight for you from there (with a right cost).
- Some units have special ability which can help you a lots in the battlefield.

Download: COFAI v1.1.6.w3x
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WoW: Clash of Legends 1.2 AI

World of Warcraft: Clash of Legends - WoWCoL 1.2.w3x is another World of Warcraft total conversion project of mine, it is a fun-to-play classic

Hero Arena play-style featured with memorable characters from World of Warcraft franchise. Play as Team Alliance or Team Horde and join the battle conflict between two faction on Team Battle Mode, or even team up between the two faction and try Boss Mode; challenging the mighty Lich King himself which made some people rage quit! Mediocre AI included, enough to keep you entertain the whole game.

 Lore Characters from World of Warcraft
Over 10 playable characters from the oldschool Paladin Arthas into the most recent "corrupted looks" of once, kindly sorceress Jaina Proudmoore. Including filler yet cool characters from lore that nobody cares about: Teron Gorefiend and Dranosh Saurfang!

Total Conversion Materials from WoW
All materials has poly reduced, geomerged and edited by myself for the multiplayer project usage purpose.

Attributes Scaleable Abilities
Q-W-E-R-D-F active spamable abilities up to level 10 with comfortable hotkeys to use! All abilities are scaleable by attributes and base level.

Advanced Terrain
Featuring an arena based off from the looks of Stormwind city theme! (Which actually a garden concept from a long-ago project) Terrain theme might be change from time to time.

Moving Creeps
All creeps are able to walk around the arena instead of only standing there doing nothing, chillin', including Boss when you activated Boss Mode - So it's not you that come to them, but it's them that come to you. Aww!

Custom BGM and Voice Clips
Featuring an intense battle themed BGM and voice clips of the characters screaming, yelling - whatever you name it on Q and R abilities like in typical Hero Arena map nowadays. "why not include voice clips on all Q W E and R instead?" Because this isn't a live concert.

Upgradeable Items
All items are upgradeable up to level 5 by using materials like Ore, more higher the tier, more higher the price of the Ore. Improve your equipment to higher tier for higher bonus!

The terrain featuring arena based-off from a garden-ish version of Stormwind City blended with moon-ish theme of Night Elves. Here are some first impression in-game screenshots. Terrain layout concepts might be change as the update progressing by.

Currently over 10 playable characters from Team Alliance and Team Horde with my own rendition on some of them, others will be applied as well!

Playable Characters

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Zombie Defense Custom 7.4 Final

Map Zombie Defense Custom v7.4 Final.w3x download by Lions_Blood

This map released at June/07/2016
25 waves of non stop carnage!
-Hero Selection of 16 Heros!
-297 Skins/models & a Beer Drinking System... So you can get drunk!
-Voted Best Custom Zombie Map Ever Made!
===Video Options in WC3 Must all be on High to Play===
Category: Other
Tileset: Cityscape
Dimensions: 160x192
Playable Area: 149x156
Recommended Players: A Full Team of 8
Size: 8133.7 KB

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June 02, 2016

Animation Comic Game 1.6a - ACG Arena v1.6a

 Map Animation Comic Game v1.6a - ACG Arena 1.6A AI

You can play this map with Other player or Computer (AI+++)

New hero: Dream demon soul (heaven court division) Kazami fragrance (Dream Hall Lord) Artoria Pendragon (Arthur)

Planning Director: David Cardinal
Triggered Country: BUG devil
Model action: Lions & shoushou
Model Sponsor: Nini & mystery chaos

Is there anything else you would like to add? especially information about Animation Comic Game 1.6a - ACG Arena v1.6a latest details and features update. You can share by comment below. Thank you for visiting and see you soon, enjoy!

Download: ACG Arena 1.6aAnimation Comic Game v1.6a
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Life of a Dragon Sequel 2.2

Map Life of a Dragon Sequel v2.1.w3x by Christopher10
Two hundred years after Life of a Dragon...

Life of a Dragon Sequel v2.2 is the successor to the previous Life of a Dragon. It is a Multiplayer RPG Map, though it can be played in singleplayer, it was made with the intention of multiple players. It takes classic RPG features and combines them with today's modern RPGs to provide a fair, but challenging, gameplay.

Although previous versions of Life of a Dragon Sequel have been known throughout the Wc3 Roleplay Community they were always filled with numerous bugs, unbalanced, and incomplete content that I've abandoned upon the last made version, 1.1, 4 years prior.

I've since returned... And gave Life of a Dragon Sequel an upgrade likened to an Expansion Pack. Including numerous Changes, Additions, Tweaks, Alterations, Balances, Fixes, and much more!

Life of a Dragon Sequel is a Roleplaying Map, featuring numerous positions.

The main gameplay revolves around the first five player slots known as "Chosen Dragons". While also including a "Dragon Slayer" a "Dragon Catcher", an entire "Human Kingdom" and "Fel Empire" as well as a "Mercenary" choice.

F9 holds very helpful, grammar correct, Guides and Information. With numerous Commands for In-game Mechanics and Roleplaying.

It is continuously updating!
  • Category: Role Playing (RPG)
  • Tileset: Lordaeron Summer
  • Dimensions: 256x224
  • Playable Area: 256x220
  • Recommended Players: Full House
  • Size: 5936.8 KB

Chosen Dragon gameplay revolved around the player, a recently born hatchling, having greater potential than all other dragons and the ability to Grow.

You grow at certain level intervals, but soon you'll have to choose a Color/Element to proceed. Gender Choice with a full working Mating System.

Slayer and Catcher are Human Heroes with their own unique abilities and Upgradable Weapons.

Slayer is Melee Based Male Hero, while Catcher is a Range Based Female Hero with the ability to capture "Chosen Dragons".

Kingdom and Empire are vast nations, the Kingdom controls a majority of the region while the Fel Empire being the vice versa of the Kingdom.

Mercenary is likened to Slayer and Catcher, with the exception of being able to choose a Hero he/she will like to be.

The Game has a strict Hero Revival System. Where Dragon players (After a certain Mercy Level) will only have one free resurrection and then they are one-life only.

Kingdom, Empire, Slayer, and Catcher have Altars, but they cannot be rebuilt when destroyed. While Mercenary has a 'Chance System' where upon death, they are brought back to the Hero Selection area.
  1. Growth System
  2. Dragon Mating System (Censored)
  3. One-Life (Dragons)
  4. RPG Mechanics and Commands
  5. Crafting (Basic)
  6. 7 Dragon colors to Choose + 3 Secret Ones
  7. Natural Abilities and Skills
  8. Basic RNG Item Drop System
  9. Incomplete Story Route System
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Angel Arena Ultimate 1.3a

Map Angel Arena Ultimate 1.3a.w3x by Leonaldo Moraes (June/03/2016)

Dedico este mapa a minha amada esposa NiƩdia.
Has created new high class hero. Vargas, the Demon Chaser.
Now, do you can choose the high class hero, Sirius Black
itens and heros skills has been improved.
  • Category: Hero Arena
  • Tileset: Northrend
  • Dimensions: 192x160
  • Playable Area: 180x148
  • Recommended Players: 8-12
  • Size: 2487.7 KB
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June 01, 2016

Treasure Hunter's Defense 6.4 AI

Map Treasure Hunter's Defense 6.4 AI - Frostnight v6.2 + AI.w3x Created by Lign ; Uploaded by: Lign

Version 6.4 
-Added new hero: Pandaren Storm Master.
-Mortal Team: Improved 2nd skill.

A powerful sorcerer known as The Oracle, has offer you a mission to protect an icy artifact found in the middle of Icecrown Glacier, guarded by a mysterious force. Now, they're coming to destroy the artifact, preventing it from being taken. If you success, The Oracle will fulfill your wishes and reveal your future.

But the story isn't that simple...

- Based on Dota 2's Wraith-Night.
- This map's just like any typical Hero Defense maps: you chose a hero, set up a team and defend your main base from waves of enemies, kill them and get gold,
power up your Hero to stand against them.
- I love the Wraith-Night mode. So I decided to convert it to Warcraft III version.

- Total 40 heroes, 95 custom spells, 45 types of creeps, and over 40 buildable items.
- Gold is earned from collecting gold coins, which will droped from enemies when killed. Gold coin's value is shared equally to all players.
- Your Hero's health and mana will be refilled at the end of a round.
- Towers will respawn every time a new round starts.
- The final round is based on World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King cinematic.

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Custom Hero Survival v2.3b

Map Custom Hero Survival v2.3b.w3x by Aduxxor
Camera command added
Big bad vodoo removed
Shops placement, tomes amount changed
crash fixes

Spell/shop fixes and balance. Spells nerfed.
Units are killed after player leaves
Spoofcheck for admin
Anti-blink/dash added(now works 100%). Doodads removed

Game modes are picked by Red player
All bets are now invisible

Category: Hero Arena
Tileset: Sunken Ruins
Dimensions: 96x96
Playable Area: 84x84
Recommended Players: 1-8
Size: 453.8 KB

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