January 28, 2017

Anime Character Fight v2.9g

Map ACF Version 2.9g - Anime Character Fight v2.9g by Unryze (Update on January/29/2017)
Map Maker: Unryze
  • Ryougi Shiki's R Cooldown is changed, from: 160/150/140 down to 140/130/120 seconds. 
  • Ryougi Shiki's T Cooldown is changed, from: 180/175/170 down to 180/170/160 seconds. 
  • Zoro's V cast time is now 1 second down from 1.5, and the damage is now increased, from [100 x Hero Level] up to [100 x Hero Level + STR]. 
  • Zoro's T damage was increased, from 4000/5500/7000 up to 5000/6500/8000. 
  • Renji's Q spell is now available from level 1. 
  • Renji's E cooldown was reduced from 70 at all levels down to 70/65/60. 
  • Renji's R cooldown was reduced from 180/170/160 down to 160/150/140. 
  • Renji's R damage was increased from 4000/5500/7000 up to 5000/6500/8000.

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