January 20, 2017

Death None Battle v8.55 AI

 Map Death None Battle v8.55 AI by chinese member

You can play this map with computer with Other player or Computer (AI+++)
Author: jiwalv
Map size: 27.98MB - Supported: 1.24-1.27A - Support number: 1-10
Map Language: Simplified Chinese - Add Time: 2017-02-01
  • Replace some of the heroic model: teeth dense, Stark, 3, 10 blade, Nelly Ai Lu, ordinary love times. 
  • Awakening sword eight of the spiritual pressure explosion button to change back to ↓ key, when the awakening sword eight comprehend the release of Ling pressure when there are two unlock skills

  • Broken Bee Phantom Lincoln Cancel dizziness effect, infinite instantaneous coax the dizziness time reduced to 1.5 seconds
Download: Death None Battle 8.55 AI
Mirror: Death None Battle v8.55 AI download
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