January 25, 2017

Dota v6.88g download

 Map DotA v6.88g Allstars.w3x by Icefrog.

  • Fixed Crystal Nova didn’t affect ancients
  • Added visual effects to Elder Dragon form
  • Fixed Land mines didn’t provide vision on blast
  • Land Mines and Remote Mines can no longer be stacked on each other
  • Fixed Pounce could cause Slark to stuck 
See full changelog here: Dota v6.88g changelog

NOTE: config file (config.dota) has been updated
it now contains additional keys:
– DisplayGarenaTotalNotification=true #use “false” to disable “garena total” reminder at the game’s start
– TeleportationCanOnlyBeStoppedSoft=true #uses innate WC3 mechianics to prevent accidental TP scroll channel canceling with right click
– AdvancedTooltips=true #attack/armor tooltips
– DisplayRegeneration=true #obviously
– CustomFPSInfo=true #shows memory usage
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