February 08, 2017

Anime End Night 1.52

Map Anime End Night v1.52 - Anime final night 1.52 complete version
Author: Dream Yan / person my department DORORO
Map size: 38.68MB - Supported: 1.24-1.27ASupport number: 1-10
Map Language: Simplified ChineseAdd Time: 2017-2-7

Hides yourself to investigate enemies in the 1500-yard range, lifting 200 moves faster. Death will help the god of the night curse your opponent, 10% chance to learn the enemy's real name. So that the enemy every 2 seconds to lose 1% of the maximum health of magic damage. D death of the asylum F life is like a play. The power of wisdom, but all players can hurt the target single, the night attack on the moon will have a negative impact, any unit of attack on the night of God on the God of the night, Also temporarily immune to all injuries.Demagogic state will not be discounted.
So that the enemy can not hurt you and your allies and can only be right. Will have a negative effect, attack 8% chance to be known that the enemy is really the friendly cause injury name, as long as the input real name, the unit immediately killed by the Night of God
Download: Anime End Night v1.52 download
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