February 23, 2017

Anime Fantasy v1.1

Map Anime Fantasy v1.1.w3x created by Nookaiser
  • Naruto's [Q] and [TQ] duration reduced 8->5 seconds.
  • Naruto's [Q] damage reduced 0.75xSTRxLVL->0.5xSTRxLVL and [TQ] damage reduced 0.8xSTRxLVL->0.6xSTRxLVL.
  • Naruto's [TR] damage reduced 1700->1200.
  • Naruto's default movement speed reduced 320->300.
  • Byakuya's attack range with [R] active reduced 700->500.
  • Byakuya's [E] damage reduced 40xLVL->20xLVL per second.
  • Byakuya's base HP reduced 500->300.
  • Zaraki's [RQ] damage bonus reduced 3->2 x STR.
  • Yamamoto's base HP reduced 300->100.
  • Yamamoto's def [R] duration reduced 5->3 seconds.
  • Yamamoto now has effects showing on him when using [W] and [R] in def mode.

I know that I'm not as good as nook when it comes to visuals on spells, but I think that will improve a lot with time. For now, live with it as it is. Also, I will gladly recruit a modeller anytime and if the fanbase is willing to donate some money, they'll easily go to him!
Have fun, scrubs. (Valik)
Download: Anime Fantasy 1.1
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