February 14, 2017

Dream Dance Defense 2.2

Map Dream dance cover the day 2.2 - romantic
Author: Mo glass month
Map size: 13.21MB - version support: 1.24-1.27A (8M patch) - support number: 1-6
Map language: Chinese - Add time: 2017-2-14 - Edit: hot43

Repair Xia Jiuyou cut skills without injury BUG. 
Modified the ruthless Great God of a flower (E) skills effects 
Repair the study book Guards cut the negative spiritual power BUG

The new two immortal mounts, after the immortal random access. 
For the challenge of the immortal Emperor successful players updated the immortal list and Xian riding 
All the roles do not need to hide the password to facilitate everyone experience 
The replacement of the background music <no return>

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