February 05, 2017

Ghost Livestock Wanhua 4.01

Map Ghost Livestock Wanhua full voice 4.01 stand-alone version - VCLgame.com GLW v4.01.w3x

Map size: 89.45MB - version supports: 1.24-1.27A (8M patch) support for persons: 2-8
Map Language: Simplified Chinese - Add Time: 2017-2-3

So this also explains why some strong role must use the black value to unlock, which is to take care of those who have been hanging, long-defeated players, to give them a kind of substantial comfort there is a The way will get additional positive energy and black values, that is, there are hidden roles within the role, the role of the more players all the additional points are also more, but one thing must be noted that the positive energy with the black The value of the official platform can only be in the devil beast hegemony Wanhua mirror area set up the host will be inherited, the rest of the environment is invalid.

And if the player halfway to escape did not adhere to the burst home, but also will not get any points so now this post inside the map is released with this kind of integral function of the version, The system will automatically download the map back there. If it is not clear you can add ghost livestock million Huamu
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