January 19, 2018

DotA LoD v6.85n3

DotA LoD 6.85n3.w3x map created by DracoL1ch 2018
Config file name changed from "config.lod" to "config.lod.ini"

Fixes and non-balance changes
  • Rearm manacost reduced to 100/200/300
  • Rearm cd reduced to 0
  • Rearm channeling duration reduced to 3/2/1
  • Supernova no longer affects ultimate’s cooldowns
  • Witchcraft can no longer refresh ultimates
  • Witchcraft normal spell chance reduced from 10/15/20/25 to 5/10/15/20, now passively reduces cooldown of each spell by 6/9/12/15%
  • Reality Rift now pulls all your illusions instead of the same hero model only (metamorphosis)
  • Fixed Dive only applied disarm to heroes ignoring illusions
  • Fixed Dive’s Disarm being undispelable, now it can be purged
  • Track now reduce target’s armor by 1/2/3
  • Eyes in the Forest CD from 25 to 35
Full changelogs lod 6.85n here:  Dota 6.85n LOD full changelog
Download: http://www.dota682.com/dota-6-85n-lod/
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