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April 10, 2016

Zombie Attack v2.3

Map Zombie Attack v2.3.w3x by ade206 (This version update on April/10/2016)

No Map Description Available
  • Category: Tower Defense (Cooperative)
  • Tileset: Ashenvale
  • Dimensions: 96x96
  • Playable Area: 96x96
  • Recommended Players: 5+
  • Size: 5878.4 KB
  • Submitted: 10 April 2016
Is there anything else you would like to add? especially information about Zombie Attack (v2.3) latest details and features update. You can share by comment below. Thank you for visiting and see you soon, enjoy!

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March 23, 2016

Attack Of The Lunatics 0.47d

Map Attack Of The Lunatics 0.47d Created by Troy ; Uploaded by: troylowyee

AOTL is a hero seige map where you must defend the king and battle forward to destroy the enemies base.
Destroying the buildings stop their unit production. The town is actually being raided by insane orcs
and undeads, you have to go to the heart of their base and find out what is causing them to be aggressive
and insane and destroy that source. This game requires teamwork and roles such as healer, damager and support
are extremely essential.
1)Upgrade Troops system: anyone can upgrade the alliances troops and anyone can donate money to the alliance or stop their unit production as it costs money.

2)Boss spells: bosses have unique spells to make the gameplay hard. Spells are dodgeable.

3)Unique spells: Heroes and even (some) enemy creeps all have custom made spells that are unique and are scaled based on stats

4)The spells are also stat based to make the spells applicable in late game.

5)Anyone can also use the King to defend

Download: AOTL ver 0.47d.w3x
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WarCraft Maul: NG 2.55

Map WarCraft Maul NextGen v2.55-p.w3x Created by Squiggy
  • Once upon a time, there was a war about the country. 
  • The evil king sent massive armies towards the inhabitants, killing countless. 
  • The Lich stole all gold from their victims while showing no mercy. 
  • The population was driven back until there was only one gold mine left on Izal Shurak and so they decided to go against their emeny as their last resort. 
  • If they would unite, they might stand a chance against the darkness...
► The map is a so-called mazing maul tower defense. You get to play from 1 to 9 players and have to defend the gold mine at the bottom of the map.
► In order to do that, your main objective is to build towers which are able to attack the spawned creeps (one spawn per player) either in a labyrinth that may or may not make use of waypoints scattered over the map or a straight defense line.
► The map offers 21 races (20 to choose from, one hidden, bonus random race) where each race has a certain playing style to it, requiring different approaches of slaying creeps.
► Warcraft Maul NextGen is playable in three difficulties
► Players can either choose to play 25 or 50 levels with a changeable amount of livels to start with
► If you're short on lives, you may buy them from your main base for 500 gold each.
► As the map offers over 230 towers and includes famous races from formerly known maul maps (The Undead, Naga), it also introduces new races such as the Elements and towers from the famed Green TD.
► If you're feeling lucky, try out the Animals and control your units, level your hero or dish out huge damage to enemies using one of the map's unique Ultimate Towers.
► To get money from not only killing enemy units, WcMaul NG features an income system giving you bonus gold depending on the amount stored on your account.
► In order to keep the map a little more challenging, it
a) has mini bosses appearing every ten minutes with increased HP and bonus gold
b) can be played in PRO Mode which requires at least two players to work together in order to get to level 50 and may take over two hours.
c) has a lot of effects lol
d) is equipped with varying aura key points spread over the map which buffs enemy units or may debuff your towers.
e) can be fine-tuned by setting the starting amount of gold left in the mine.
f) has a few secrets to it which you may be curious to explore
g) may require you and your team to do waypoint mazes which is actually encouraged if playing on higher difficulties
► benefits of a simple, yet effective Balancing System based on lives lost per level and difficulty
► features a Single Player Mode
► 99.3% leak-free
► and lots more
  • Balancing this map is done by factorizing a number based on Difficulty chosen and amount of units that reach the Gold Mine. 
  • If no units reach the Gold Mine, the HP will increase until they pass a maximum of 150% on Easy, 200% on Normal and 300% on Pro. 
  • If a unit reaches the Gold Mine, the HP will be decreased until 100% and not go up until that value is met.
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March 22, 2016

Tribe TD v0.8

Map Tribe TD v0.8 Created by Squiggy

► Tribe TD is a Tower Defense Map, played the classic way of building towers around a fixed path enemy units walk down
► Some Messages still display Twisty TD - Tribe TD is the continuation of the abadonded Twisty TD
► Tribe TD is playable from 1 to 4 Players
► The Map features 30 Levels including a Mid-Boss and Special Levels
► Players can choose from 5 Races: Humans, Night Elves, Orcs, Undead & Critters
► Different Tech-Trees for each race
► A few Unique surprises (I hope)
► Secrets (soon)
► 5 Difficulties
► Towers focus enemy units
► Newbie-friendly (Video Tutorial)
► Over 60 Towers to choose from
► Over 50 abilites including active and passive ones
► 15+ Items to buy for your Towers
► 99.9% leak-free
► 142kbyte size

The Human Race is suitable for beginners.
It features an easy Tech-Tree, passive abilities and strong towers at relatively low cost.

The Orc Race is relatively easy to play.
Towers posess both active and passive abilities and can be improved using buyable Items.

Night Elves are the hardest Race in the game.
They contain very strong towers, but lategame content requires Players to have a wide variety of towers which are also able to cast abilities automatically or actively.


This race has only two Towers available.
The Base Towers can be improved with Items to e.g. deal more damage, add abilities or enable spellcasting.
Better Items cost more money and can be sold back to the Shrine.

Critters make use of an ability to fuse with certain units.
Building stronger towers like this is necessary to unlock the requirements for lategame content.

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March 09, 2016

Zombie Attack v2.0

Map Zombie Attack v2.0.w3x by ade206 (This version update on March/11/2016)
No Map Description Available
  • Category: Tower Defense (Cooperative)
  • Tileset: Ashenvale
  • Dimensions: 96x96
  • Playable Area: 96x96
  • Recommended Players: 5+
  • Size: 5878.4 KB
  • Submitted: 9 Mar 2016
Is there anything else you would like to add? especially information about Zombie Attack (v2.0) latest details and features update. You can share by comment below. Thank you for visiting and see you soon, enjoy!

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February 21, 2016

Green TD Evolution v1.08d

Map Green TD Evolution v1.08d.w3x by Smurphy101
Map Has been updated to v1.08d, look at changelog if interested in additions and fixes.

This is a Green TD Map, so it isn't very original, i started editing a map in 2011, called Green TD Pros Final VIII. It was a generally good map to play, but looking at it in worldedit, it was pretty bad, until recently my version was still called Green TD Pros. It is now named Green TD Evolution, it really isn't that much of an evolution of Green TD i just couldn't think of a better name, plus the map is so drastically different from the version i started with that i think its a fitting name.

What ive tryed to do with my version of Green TD is to make it more consistent, better balancing, better towers, better triggers and systems, better terrain and generally a better playing experience. In my opinion i have succeeded in doing that, at least in The Evolution Versions anyway, the previous versions weren't really that good.

I have had a change of heart about protecting my maps, so this map is now unprotected.

The map uses no custom Models, Icons, Effects, Terrain, Pictures etc. I wanted to keep the map size as low as possible, and also i dont generally like custom models and stuff in something as simple as this as it, to me anyway, ruins the feel and atmosphere of the map and they are mostly unneeded and just make the map have a larger size making it take longer to download when in Warcraft and take longer to load. [No longer 100% accurate as i have, since originally writing this, added a few modified-blizzard icons]

-- Multiple Gamemode options, along with a full text system to choose them at the start of the game.
-- Fully Featured tool-tips and hotkeys for everything.
-- Modified standard Warcraft 3 Game Interface and Tooltips.
-- A Complete and fully functioning Multiboard.
-- Several Commands, 2 different Camera Modes
-- A Fair way of getting rid of towers of another player.
-- Completely Redone Damage Values and Armour Values [ie, when you mouse over the weapon and icon values it shows you a bunch of percentages]
-- An Auto-Blink Movement System
-- Completely Redone Towers [Models, Sounds, Attacks, Etc]
-- A Complete Information Dialog with Change-logs dating back to May 2012 [The Quest Tab]
-- A Slot for an Observer along with an Observer only unit with Some Deadly and Completely Harmless Sheep Based Spells
-- Upgrade Shortcuts for most of the starting towers

The Map has 11 Towers: Siege, Air, Frost, Poison, Aura, Fire Trap, Chaos, Bouncing, Bash, Research and Spell.

Game Modes
Gamemodes, The Map has 5 Difficulty, 2 Separate Builders and an Endless Mode Option.

Code = -d#b# for No Endless Mode, -d#b#em for Endless Mode
Example: -d2b1 is Normal Difficulty/Normal Builder

d1 = Easy
d2 = Normal
d3 = Hard
d4 = Very Hard
d5 = Chaos Mode

b1 = Normal Builder
b2 = Classic Builder

em = Endless Mode

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February 16, 2016

Zombie City v1.4

Map Zombie City v1.4.w3x by From An Anonymous Of WE VN Gr
Special Thanks to:
- World Editor Viet Nam Group (on Facebook)
- Bui Hieu
- And anyone has a help in this map!
Some various changes
Category: Tower Defense (Survivor)
Tileset: Sunken Ruins
Dimensions: 64x64
Playable Area: 64x64
Recommended Players: 9
Size: 4120.7

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