June 19, 2012

Naruto Ninpou Generations 0.7b.w3x

Map Naruto Ninpou Ninpou Generations v0.7b by NNG.ElbesH (Brazil)
Choose your hero from world of Naruto and make strategies to destroy your enemies!
Aê galera, finalmente lançado a Konan! Confiram as mudanças.

Changelog v0.7a (Brazil):
-Skill Q do Shino teve seu range percorrido aumentado.
-Paper Shurikens
-Paper Clone
-Paper Spear
-Paper Hurricane
-Paper Sea
Espero que gostem!
Divulguem e joguem Generations!

New version v0.7b: changed various effects of Konan, the skills it had been "embellished" for missing effects, and a concerted BUG Ino's Mind Control which is the target dies it rises at the base of Ino. Sincerely, Team MMK.
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