August 28, 2012

Mode dota lod

Mode dota lod
Dota lod is A Custom Version of DotA - That Let the Players Can Able to Choose 3 Skills and 1 Ultimate to Combineinto 1 Unique Hero.
This map is very fun (more than "OMG" map), you try it, you know how "IMBA".

Game modes: -sdd5s6ulfn or -sdd5s6ulfnso
Main game modes: (-ap, -ar, -sd, -md)
Sub modes: (d2, d3, d4, d5, s5, s6, os, ra, bo, ul, ss, ab, fn)

-sdd5s6ulfn (50 heroes +  6 skill)
-sds5ul (pick 4 skill + 1 ulti) - UL (Unlimited Level) Unlimited levels of the hero.
-sds6ul (pick 4 skill + 2 ulti) ==> level 5 up skill 5, level 8 up ulti 2
-sds6d3ul (pick 4 skill + 2 ulti) Unlimited Level, 30 characters available to choose from, you can take any skills
-sdd3s6bosoulabfn (30 characters available to choose from, you can take any skills)
-ardms6bosoulabfn (receive a random hero receive a random + skills, with the death of all randomized zanogo)
-aps6ossoulabfn (available to all the characters, skills in Tim will not be repeated, just a balance mod)
-sdd5s6ossoabulfn (50 characters available, the balance of fashion skills in the team are not repeated)
-ars6boulabsofn (Drops randomly receive a random hero + skills to the entire game)

Addition to the game modes:
-bo Balance Off
-d2 Provides a choice of 20 heroes.
-d3 Provides a choice of 30 heroes.
-d4 Provides a choice of 40 heroes.
-d5 Provides a choice of 50 heroes.
-s5 allows you to pick 5 skills.
-s6 allows you to pick 6 skills, 1 ultimate and 1 normal ability.
-ra Random Abilities, the extra abilities from s5 & s6 are chosen randomly.
-fn Fast Neutrals, first neutrals spawn already after drafting, then 30 seconds after, then the normal 1 minute spawn
-ss See Skills, allows you to see the enemy skills while drafting as well
-ab Anti Backdoor
-ul Unlimited Level
-os One Skill, skills can't be picked twice on each side
-ls Limit Skills, you cannot have more than 2 passive skills and more than 2 skills from a single hero-so Switch on

*The silence from Last Word lasts only 0.75/1/1.25/1.5s.
*Multicast chances reduced x2 by 7%/3.5%/0%, x3 by 7%/3.5%, x4 by 7%
*Rearm has a 15/10/5 hidden cooldown after refreshing before being able to refresh again
*Feast only regenerates/deals 1/2/3/4% HP on ranged heroes.
*Greater Bash only has a 10% proc chance on ranged heroes.
*Dispersion disperses only 6/8/10/12% damage on STR heroes and heroes morphed from a STR metamorphosis.
*Essence Shift only works on half the attacks for ranged heroes.
*Spell with a cooldown less than or equal to 3s can not proc Aftershock, Fiery Soul, Static Field, Warpath, Overload (except if they originally could proc the spell).

Ingame Commands:
-FF (Fast Finish)
-WFF (Who FF'd)
-SP #(Toggle passive skill display, # is the skill's place number while drafting)
-SDDON/-SDDOFF (System Display Damage)
-ADDTIME (Adds 1 minute to the clock when picking skills, can be entered at most once)
-READY (During the skill picking phase, chooses your remaining skills randomly)
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