March 20, 2013

Crossover DotA 6.7.w3x

Map Crossover DotA 6.7 download by DarkWeaver

Game Modes: -ap, -ar, -ap2, -ar2

Update new version: Crossover DotA 6.9.w3x

Changelogs v6.7:

Added new heroes:

* Changed the title for most heroes

Hitsugaya Toshiro
- Fixed his description

- Added effects when getting hitted by Strong Right

Madara Uchiha
- Added effects when Kurama dies

Son Goku
- Added damage to his normal attack
- Added effects when getting hitted by Kamehameha

Uzumaki Naruto
- Fixed a bug where Odama Rasengan knockbacks dead creeps

Black Spiderman
- Fixed the grammar of his spells

- Increased the bonus damage of Dragon Blood from +10/20/30/40 to +15/25/35/45

Haruno Sakura
- Fixed Okasho's effects

Tsunayoshi Sawada
- Reduced his starting armor by -1

Gintoki Sakata
- Increased his strength from 22+2.5 to 22+3

Monkey D Luffy
- Reduced Bazooka's damage from 100/175/250 to 50/100/150
- Redcued Gear Second attack speed bonus to 75/100/125%

Edward Elric
- Transmute: Earth Spikes will deal 10% reduced damage per target getting hitted
- Fixed ulti icon

- Reduced his strength from 22+2 to 19+2
- Rebellion Slash damage reduced from 75/150/225/300 to 75/100/125/150

- Reduced his agility from 20+1.5 to 15+1.5

Death the Kid
- Reduced his attack range from 700 to 625

- Reduced his starting armor by -1

- Inventory is now easier to control

- Changed his agility from 22+3.2 to 23+2.7

Madara Uchiha
- Changed his agility from 19+2 to 20+2

- Fixed a bug on her ultimate

Gray Fullbuster
- Fixed a bug in Ice Blades:Seven Slice Dance
- Fixed spell description

- Changed the "Holy Shield" item to "Absolute"
- Fixed Diffusal Gloves' cast range

- Balanced the normal attack damage for all heroes
- Icon reworks for Kazuya, Death the Kid, Batman, Shana, Crocodile, Hitsugaya, Simon Belmont, Saber, Ryu, Lyndis, Gray and Frieza
- Redesigned the hero picking mode
- Extra creeps will now spawn at 17:30, 34:00, 45:30 and 50:30. Same as in dota
- Added effects when the World Tree is destroyed
- Fixed a bug where creeps stop pushing
- Added a -repick mode
- Fixed a bug where enemies can see spell cast text even if they have no vision of you

All Heroes Crossfire Dota

Update new version: Crossover DotA 6.9.w3x
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