November 26, 2013

dota 6.79b changelog

Map dota v6.79b changelog - dota 6.79b map changelog and update here

Other 4 bugs also got fixed as well. Check out the full changelogs and download link below:

DotA v6.79b.w3x Changelogs:
* Fixed a crash on older versions of Warcraft when picking Slardar
* Fixed some performance problems when Bloodseeker was in the game
* Fixed Vampiric Aura and Linken's Sphere sometimes spawning runes on the ground
* Fixed Radiance not working on illusions
* Fixed selling items after a buyback not giving back gold

If you see bugs in this version. Please comment here. Have fun to all fans dota1

Dota 6.79b map
Map dota v6.79b download