November 09, 2013

Naruto vs Bleach 2.0e - NVB2.0e.w3x

Map Naruto vs Bleach 2.0e - NVB2.0e.w3x by DreamRaider, Shinigami12

Choose from 32 different heroes from your favorite anime Naruto or Bleach in an epic battle.

Modes: -ap, -ar, -sm, -dm, -id, -tc, -nm, -bm, -da -as -sd -br

If you find any bugs, please post here. Tell me what you like/dislike any balance suggestions, things that will make a better nvb! Constructive Criticism please, thx.

- Kidou model fixed
- Kidou tooltip fix* said 350 aoe, but was 300.

- extra shop Kidou removed...(wups xD)

- Heros can't leave base.

- Samehada Fusion dps from 15/30/45 to 12/24/36
- Suiton: Bakusui Shoha mana cost from 120 to 80/100/120/140
- Suiton: Bakusui Shoha cd from 20/18/16/14 to 24/22/20/18
- Working spam everytime he attacks (was testing)

-Sanrei Cost 6000, AS +25% attack +25 miss +%25 agi +25

-C3 cd from 16 to 20
-Sky Rider Model glitching over trees and terrain fixed. (will still glitch over buildings and towers)

Kill system
- Hero's have to lh to get credit for a kill. (this shit took me forever....)
EDIT: Abilities still work though. I would need a coders help to remove it.

- Chidori Flash, Fixed minor problem with code.

- Ryujin Jakka, Added level skip requirement.
- Ennetsu Jigoku, dps from 10/15/20 to 12/17/22

- Soten Kisshun, Rewinds from 2/3/4 to 4 seconds. Cd from 110/100/90 to 130/110/90

-c, Works
-cam, Works
-zoom, also works
-Raised minimum camera distance to 1500 from 500.
-clear, added. Removes on screen text.

Item System
- Added special effect when combining items
- New item. Kyoka Suigetsu

Mode system
- Arsm, bug where a player didn't get a hero. Fixed!