September 23, 2014

DotA 6.81d AI 1.2.0 Rev 3

Map DotA v6.81b AI 1.2.0 Rev 3.w3x English version download by JamesDruid0806 and Update September/23/2014
DotA 6.81d AI 1.2.0 Rev 3:
  • Skeleton King's Mortal Strike is now passive
  • Skeleton King's Vampiric Aura is now fixed
  • Vengeful's Revenge Aura is now removed from the Ability List
  • KotL's ultimate was a critical bug but it is now fixed but there would be minor glitches for him.
  • KotL's Ultimate's description is fixed
  • Icarus' fire spirit is now fixed but the slow is delayed by milliseconds
  • Rikimaru's ulti icon and tooltip is now fixed
  • Jakiro's Liquid Fire's icon and hotkey is fixed but tooltip is still a problem
  • Rexxar's ability list is reordered and icons are now changed
  • Ogre Magi's abilities should be fixed by now though there might be few glitches
  • Fixed the number of possible Meepos and fixed Meepo's Ulti when carrying aghanim's
  • Orb of Venom's Animation and Sound should be fixed by now
  • Pandaren's Drunken Brawler is fixed but few glitches for him too.
  • Achievement System is now disabled by default. You can re-enable it by adding -sa to game modes.
This version Dota 6.81b ai 1.2.0 translated (ported to english) by JamesDruid0806 and the AI map done by Ciel

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