March 13, 2015

Official Map dota 6.83c download

Official Map DotA v6.83c.w3x download by Icefrog (Released at 03/27/2015)

Dota v6.83c has been released. Thanks for all the bug reports. If you find anymore issues please let me know.

From Icefrog:
I just released a Dota version of 6.83c: Dota v6.83c released
Most of the new features and changes have been incorporated, but it still may have some bugs, if you notice any problems, please email me. When all problems are fixed, I will release a final version. Thank you all for your support.
Post in the bugs: comment here for any problems you find. Thanks for the help.

- Ported the changes from 6.81d to 6.83c

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