July 12, 2016

Dota v6.83d AI 1.4e

Getdota Map v6.83d AI 1.4e download by Icefrog

We are currently working on porting all the features of the new maps up to 6.83d. When finished, all the broken&new skills and AI usage must be fixed. Also the new heroes will need some basic AI :) Item builds needs tweaking too. A very FAT TODO list... loads of work. And i`m not saying anything about perfecting the general AI and tweaking the personal hero conditions

Skills continue to optimize AI conditions of release

AI maps (map with computer players / bots)
AI = Again Idiots = Art Inspections
Aluminum Injection
Alien Internet
Application Interference

Download: Dota 6.83d AI 1.4e - Dota 6.83d AI 1.42 - DotA 6.83d AI 1.42

Source: http://www.vclgame.com/2016/07/dota-683d-ai-14e-map-download.html
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